Wheel Alignment: Why is it so Important?

Wheel Alignment Why is it so important main

For many drivers, wheel alignment is just one of those phrases that their mechanic says when explaining the items on a service invoice, but it is quite an important part of making sure that your vehicle works well for you.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is the practice of having all four tyres lined up and pointing in exactly the same direction. For example, if you are parked on a north-south line, your tyres should all be precisely aligned on that same north-south line, not a degree, or even a fraction of a degree out of line. There are signs of poor tyre alignment that you can get into the habit of watching out for, so that you can visit a mechanic as soon as you have any worries about your car.

What are the Signs of Poor Alignment?

Poorly aligned tyres – even by half a degree – means that your tyres will pull against each other. Imagine skis sliding away from each other on the snow, and the result that will have on the skier wearing those skis – their legs will be pulled apart until they fall over! While this will not happen to your vehicle, that same pulling apart motion will be exerted on the chassis and body of the vehicle and this extra resistance can cause damage to your vehicle. This damage may be subtle and barely noticeable, but after six months or so the cumulative effect will be very noticeable and nastily expensive too!

Wheel Alignment Why is it so important car

Other effects include poor wear patterns on your tyres. Properly aligned tyres wear very evenly, as no part of the tyre is over-stressed. When tyres are poorly aligned, however, this is no longer the case. Because the tyres are slightly twisted due to the way they are angled (the misalignment) the tyres wear more at the places where more pressure is exerted on them. This can lead to weakness and fraying on the tyre surface, which in turn can cause blow-outs and accidents when travelling, putting your and your passengers, not to mention other road users’ life, at risk.

Where Can I Get Wheel Alignment?

No matter where you live in the United Kingdom, you can always find places that offer wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is a commonly offered service because tyres can become misaligned simply by driving on bumpy roads. This service also needs to be done when you change your tyres as the act of taking off the old one and putting on the new ones moves the axles from their previous configuration. Usually, the alignment is offered alongside wheel balancing which ensures that the car sits on all four tyres with the weight spread evenly between them – this also helps to maintain the condition and longevity of your tyres. If you need similar services for your vehicle, then visit TyrePoint. Being the experts of wheel alignment in Maidstone, they will solve all of your worries. Check out their site to learn all about it!


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