Top 3 Mods for Honda CRF250

Top 3 Mods for Honda CRF250 main

As a rider, you want what a lot of other riders want: a machine that’s customised to your riding preferences and needs. That means equipping your Honda CRF250 with vital modifications by installing top-quality motorcycle aftermarket parts. But which ones do you need? That depends largely on your specific goals, but three basic mods can put you on the right path to fine-tuning your CRF250.

What Are Your Goals?

Aftermarket mods are an awesome way to improve a bike’s performance. In most cases, they can change its weight, air intake and exhaust, gearing ratio, traction, suspension and even its looks. For engine internals, most electrical system parts, gaskets, fairings and body parts, your best bet is to select the best Honda CRF250 OEM parts. OEM components give you fit and performance that’s to original specs, which is important to your bike’s basic functionality.

UNI Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter

Doesn’t a replacement aftermarket air filter seem like an elementary mod? Perhaps. But the truth is, almost every rider desires to boost engine performance. The quickest way to start accomplishing that goal is with a high-flow aftermarket air filter. For the CRF250, the UNI Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter is a great choice. Riders rate the UNI filter highly because of its boosted air intake, superior filtering and its ability to fit into a stock airbox just like an OEM filter. As a bonus, the UNI is easy to clean and just requires a little pre-oiling before installation.

BikeMaster Lithium-Ion Battery (DLFP-7ZS)

Weight reduction is critical, especially with a machine like the CRF250. Some riders find that the stock battery in the 250 is too heavy for their liking, so they swap it out with a lighter weight model. One great example is BikeMaster’s DLFP-7ZS Lithium-Ion Battery. This power cell weighs a mere 1.5 pounds, which is a little over a third of the OEM battery’s weight. On top of that, the DLFP-7ZS offers 125 cold cranking amps versus the 80 CCAs put out by the stock power cell. The higher CCA rate is ideal if you’re riding in colder weather, but other key benefits include longer battery life and a more eco-friendly construction with the lack of traditional battery acid.

FMF PowerCore 4 Slip-On With Spark Arrestor

Boosting air intake and improving the exhaust usually go hand in hand. Some riders opt to replace the entire OEM exhaust systems to get better higher end power. On the other hand, a slip-on usually increases a bike’s lower end power. If your budget and goals point you to the latter option, the FMF PowerCore 4 Slip-On With Spark Arrestor is a good choice. Depends on your bike’s model year, you may need this basic version or the PowerCore 4 HEX edition. Both models deliver solid enhancements by increasing power and torque, easing up on airflow restrictions while changing how the bike sounds. As a bonus, they’re very durable and include screen-type spark arrestors for added safety.

Now that you’ve seen a few recommended mods, you’ll probably develop more ideas on how to personalise your bike. When you’re shopping for Honda motorcycle parts online, be sure to get your gear from a trusted powersports parts dealer.


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