Taking Care of Car Tyres in Winters

Taking Care of Car Tyres in Winters main

Winters can be unpredictable but there are very few which pass by without causing more wear and tear to your car’s tyres. Of course, if you live on high ground or mountainous terrain, the likely presence of snow can make forking out on a set of winter tyres a sound investment. These tyres are made from different compounds from normal tyres and they consequently offer more grip in snowy conditions.

They are also more effective when there is ice on the road which is important in every town and city across the country. You can now buy winter tyres online from the DAT Tyre garage in London so you will be more confident when you are out and about during the winter months. What other measures should you take to ensure your tyres are looked after in winter?

If you are not ready to have a set of winter tyres fitted to your car, then you should ensure you get the best grip you can out of your current set. To begin with, this will mean ensuring that they are properly pumped up. Over-inflated tyres only use a thin section of their tread to gain road traction. As such, it is harder to retain control even if it is wet, let alone icy.

The same is true of flat tyres, too. These will spread out on the tarmac and create problems when cornering. Furthermore, even partially under-inflated tyres will lose their tread depth prematurely which, in turn, leads to reduced levels of grip.

It is also important to avoid driving into hazards when the road conditions are poor. Running over debris in the road or hitting a pothole can cause your wheels to become misaligned. When this occurs, your car’s ability to brake swiftly will be diminished. In addition, misaligned tyres will also wear down sooner than you would otherwise like. Have your tracking checked to make sure they are in the correct alignment and preserve the grip you have left in your tread.


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