New Concept to Become a Prototype for the Mazda3 Series

New Concept to Become a Prototype for the New Mazda3 Series car

New Concept to Become a Prototype for the 
Mazda3 Series

Masamichi Kogai, the CEO of the Mazda car manufacturing company, has unveiled the new showpieces that were gathered under the motto ‘Celebrate Driving’, while pointing out that the brand’s history will see a new era this year

This spring the company has introduced the prototype of their new Kai car to the European audience. The debut took place during the Tokyo Motor Show, where it was particularly noted for its striking design, with a certain casino twist to it. The good news is that Mazda’s newly-designed product is the forerunner of the upcoming next-gen Mazda3 series.

The overall length of the new hatchback is 4420mm, width is around 1855mm and height 1375mm. Therefore, the prototype is 55mm shorter, 60mm wider, and 75mm lower than the five-door Mazda3 of the current generation.

New Concept to Become a Prototype for the New Mazda3 Series cars

“A real breakthrough”

Another recent Mazda concept product is their new Vision Coupe sedan. The car, however, is anything but the futuristic dream machine, being two steps away from the production onset. The car is noted as a next-generation concept model, yet Kogai publicly assured the brand’s fans that the car would undergo only slight changes. It is quite likely that both models can become a real breakthrough for the producers, should they hold their promises of keeping the design while maintaining a reasonable price rate.

Unfortunately, it is rather hard to specify the driving performance without taking the car on a test-drive and there is not much information regarding the specifications of the car. The officials of the Japanese company point out that the car is built on the SkyActiv platform and equipped with a new-gen SkyActiv-X gasoline-powered engine. The same engines will be installed in the production vehicles of 2019 noted for their unique combustion initiation without using spark plugs, similar to the principle applied in diesel engines.

New Concept to Become a Prototype for the New Mazda3 Series interior

“Prevent noises and vibrations”

Kai will definitely be able to get bonus points for its sound damping system. The engineers have completely refined the whole concept, having added more stiffening ribs into the hidden chambers. They also integrated a double acting shock absorber, which is aimed at preventing noises and vibrations that come from changing roadway surfaces.

Besides, Mazda Kai boasts a completely new KODO design solution, which will be utilised in the upcoming vehicles of the Japanese manufacturer. Two configurations will be available — hatchback and sedan. The four-door sedan will have a gasoline motor installed with a 1.6 swept volume and 104 horsepower, whereas the five-door will have a 1.5 engine.


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