Leeds’ Number 1 Plates In The Fight Against Vehicle Cloning


Unfortunately, much against our wishes, vehicle crime is almost impossible to shut down completely. There will always be criminals on the hunt for new ways to commit theft, fraud and other crimes whilst trying to remain undetected. This has lead to a year on year increase over the past decade in crimes that involve vehicles with cloned number plates. 

What is a cloned number plate? 

A cloned number plate is a name given to a number plate that is being displayed on a vehicle that is not registered to that particular registration. Criminals will tend to track down vehicles that have a similar appearance to them, matching make, model and colour and going ahead with purchasing registration plates online to mimic the innocent victims vehicle when committing crimes. 

In a recent report, popular automotive magazine AutoExpress.co.uk undertook an investigation to see just how easy it is to purchase someone else number plates online and what companies are doing to stop rise in number plate cloning. Legally, registered number plates supplier need to ask you for your ID as the purchaser of the number plates, and proof of entitlement documents to show that you are in possession of the relevant registration documents, that prove ownership of  particular registration. Once this has been confirmed, the number plates should match the spacing that appears on the documents, to ensure the number plate adhere to DVLA law and British Standard requirements. 

The ‘Car number plate scandal’ report uncovered many businesses that do not follow through with these requirements, and act as a gateway to the crime. The DVLA state that “It is an offence to not request the required documentation from the customer [or] keep a record of the transaction, or to supply a non-compliant number plate.”, this is a serious issue. 

AutoExpress continued to purchase illegal cloned number plates, misplaced registration plates, and actual banned registration plates from various companies in order to see what would be dispatched to them without any questions. The results of the investigation showed there were many companies happy to supply number plates in an illegal fashion, dispatching them on next day delivery without taking the necessary steps. 

The responsible vendor was highlighted as Yorkshire number plate maker Number 1 Plates. AutoExpress had a good experience with the company, and upon not being able to supply the relevant documentation, they were subsequently refunded to cost of their order and normal practice was resumed. 

You should always purchase your plates from a company such as Number1Plates to ensure you yourself do not received an on the spot fine. Police have the authority to charge your up to £1000 at the road side should you not be display properly manufactured legal registration plates that correspond with British Standards. 



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