Choosing the Right Vehicle Tracker to Protect Your Assets


Everybody shares the common fear of their vehicle getting stolen or damaged when they aren’t nearby. Luckily for vehicle owners, a wide range of vehicle trackers are available on the consumer market to assist in the protection of your vehicles and assets. With there being an abundance of different vehicle types on the road, it can be hard to find the perfect tracker for you. You may need a waterproof tracker, a tracker with an alarm or even one with historical route playback. Here we take a look at a variety of different vehicles and what factors affect the type of tracker you should purchase.


Around 90,000 cars are stolen in the UK every year – 307 daily to be exact. Not only is car theft extremely common, but 60% of reported car thefts go unsolved. It is for that reason that it is important to carefully weigh up what tracker your car needs. Most modern cars now have an OBD port inside, so you can potentially look into buying a tracker that is compatible with said port. Getting a car tracker is easier than most vehicles, as they come in a range of sizes to fit the adaptable nature of modern cars. You may want a car tracker to monitor a young driver, so make sure to look at trackers that have safe driving features. These features can include notifications if the car’s brakes are used suddenly, when a corner is taken sharply, (indicating dangerous driving) or when the engine starts. Also, it would be advisable to buy a tracker that has geofence alarms and historical route playback, so you can see if your car has exceeded its suggested boundary and to see where the thief has taken your vehicle.


Shockingly, around £3,000,000 worth of motorbikes are stolen in the UK every month. This equates to 75 motorbikes being stolen a day. These stats are staggering, but they are not too surprising when you realise it takes a mere 20 seconds to steal a motorbike. Maybe you really do need a tracker, after all? It would be ideal to look for a small tracker that would not be obvious to the eyes of potential thieves. Real-time tracking would be ideal on your motorbike tracker due to the increasingly high speeds a robber would reach. Also, the tracker will probably need to be compatible with 12.24 Volt bikes and scooter brands. Motorbike trackers are available as a subscription-based package or as self-monitored, (both with several benefits) so weigh up which would be better suited to your needs. Furthermore, it is essential that the tracker notifies you if the bike is moved without the keys in the ignition. It’s not like a thief needs to break into a motorbike.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Tracker to Protect Your Assets caravan


1,200 caravans are stolen in the UK every year. That is a very high figure when you bear in mind that not many people own caravans. If you are seeking a tracker for your caravan, make sure it has long battery life. This is because owners often leave caravans unattended for months at a time so the battery life must last this duration. Also, the tracker should be one that can track internationally as many caravans will be used for international holidays. A caravan tracker should have an alarm that sounds to notify other people that may be around your vehicle at the time of theft. Similarly, notifications should be sent to the owner of the caravan as they could be far away from the location where the foul play unfolds. It is important to note that your caravan tracker could be a range of sizes due to the sheer size of caravans. In June 2012, a 24-hour hailstorm created 500,00 insurance claim bills due to the damages caused to caravans. So even if your caravan isn’t stolen, it is advisory to get a tracker for it to reduce your insurance premiums.


Astonishingly, an average of 376,000 bicycles are stolen every year in the UK. That is one every 90 seconds! Therefore, a tracker to protect your bicycle is essential. It is far too easy to steal a bike, even if you have chained it to something. Similarly to motorbikes, a tracker for your bike should be small, easily attachable and easy to hide. This is because all areas of a bike are vulnerable. But you already knew that. Your tracker should also have a little camera in it as the thief may merely take parts of the bike and leave the part with the tracker on. Because it is much harder to recover a stolen bike than it is a car, for example, your tracker should use geofencing and have immediate notifications to increase your chances of finding it. The tracker should use real-time tracking, as the robber may be cycling the bike, walking with it or even attached to a moving car. Also, there should be sensor on the tracker to notify you if it is touched, as there is no engine on a bicycle to trigger if it is being moved or not.

Hopefully, your vehicle is never stolen and never damaged. However, it would be foolish to not take the necessary precautions for the worst-case scenario. As you have read above, an unimaginable number of vehicles are stolen on such a regular basis, so make sure to protect your vehicle. After our given advice, we hope you have no difficulty in finding the perfect tracker for your needs.


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