All You Need To Ride Your Motorcycle In Style

All You Need To Ride Your Motorcycle In Style main

Motorcycle gear is aimed at offering you superior protection, but it can also be pretty stylish. One reason why many people love riding their bikes is that they can make a statement of their personalities and choice of transportation. If you have ever wanted to ride a motorcycle in style, you should pay a bit of attention to the following gear that would make you look cool.

The purpose of motorcycle gear

Although it looks cool and that’s the first impression that it will make on you, motorcycle gear has a rigorous purpose, which is to offer you protection. If you have never been on a motorcycle, it can difficult to imagine what riding at high speeds does to your body.

A good helmet will protect your head in the case of a crash, but it has other purposes, as well, such as keeping debris and dust out of your eyes and ensuring excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Also, the clothes you will wear must be wind resistant. Leave it to characters in movies to ride a motorcycle at high speeds in t-shirts and jeans. Any rider in real life aims to wear proper quality gear.

The gear you choose can also protect you from cold in bad weather, or rain. Even the footwear you pick should provide excellent grip and keep your feet warm. As you can easily see, the fact that motorcycle gear looks stylish is not the only thing it has going for it.

All You Need To Ride Your Motorcycle In Style bike

A bit about helmets

There are some variations when it comes to styles, but helmets have one primary goal, and that’s to protect your head in the case of an accident. Full-face helmets are considered the safest, as some studies show that almost half of all the accidents that involve motorcycle riders cause damage in the face area.

Also, you must admit that full-face helmets look pretty cool and they will make you feel like a racing biker. There is a reason why competitions always demand the use of such helmets, as the safety of the participants is paramount. To find the best helmet for you, don’t forget to read a complete review for each of the models catching your eye so that you can compare them.

What jacket should you get?

Leather jackets continue to be popular among bikers, due to the natural wind resistance of the material used. Leather is also hardy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. An entire outfit made of leather is appropriate for a motorcycle rider.

Another material that begins to gain some popularity is Cordura, a type of textile material that comes in different thicknesses and thread counts. 1000 Denier Cordura is considered a good pick for motorcycle jackets, as it can resist abrasion just as much as leather.

Aside from the material used, you must also pay attention to all the extra features that add value to motorcycle jackets. For instance, they should be reinforced in the elbow area, as well as on the shoulders, and the back. This kind of armor makes a jacket roadworthy for a biker.


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