Is Getting a Car on Finance Always the Best Option?

Is Getting a Car on Finance Always the Best Option main

Is Getting a Car on Finance Always the Best Option?

When you’re about to purchase a vehicle from a dealership, one of the primary decisions you’ll have to make is whether to cover the purchase with your own funds, secure financing through the dealer, or apply for some other kind of loan from a third-party. There are pros and cons to each approach, and although there’s no right or wrong answer in this regard, it’s always best to consider all options before making any long-term financial commitments like leasing a vehicle. With that said, the following guide should help you choose a financing type for your upcoming vehicle purchase.

A Personal Loan Could be the Best Bet

While auto loans and financing deals offered through dealerships can help get you into your new car quickly and conveniently, they don’t always offer the best rates and terms. Instead, you might find a more ideal solution by shopping around. It’s worth reading up on short-term loan options on the Cash Lady website – they have some great information about cheap loan options that can cover your down payment.

Personal loans are often more flexible and lenient than the financing that is provided directly through the dealership. Plus, you can obtain a larger loan and use some of the funds to pay for the vehicle down payment while setting aside the rest for other expenses and leisure.

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Should You Opt for Financing through the Dealership?

Most dealerships can connect you with a financing company that will provide a car loan. While this can be the fastest route, the downside is that your payment obligations may be directly tied to your vehicle’s functionality and ownership. In other words, if you fail to make payments then the dealership would be quicker to repossess or even remotely disable the vehicle, whereas if you defaulted on a personal loan then you would simply have to get the account into good standing before it goes into collections and shows up on your credit report.

Is it Ever Wise to Pay for the Vehicle in Cash?

Even if you can afford to pay the full purchase price outright, it’s not always wise to do that when you have other financing options available. While it’s true that obtaining financing means you’re creating debt and paying extra in the form of interest, those downsides are often worth it when you consider the fact that you’re leaving more of your money available in your account for investing and spending. For example, if you have a £25,000 balance, it may be wiser to invest that money in a profitable business instead of tying it all up in a single vehicle purchase that could be covered by a loan.

Securing the Best Interest Rate and Repayment Terms

Overall, the name of the game is to secure the lowest interest rates and the most optimal repayment terms possible. Since results will vary depending on the loan provider, dealership, loan amount, your credit, and a variety of other factors, it’s always worthwhile to compare multiple quotes and consider every option. Just by shopping around you’ll be in a better position than most vehicle buyers who simply go with the first financing company recommended by their dealership.


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