How Challenging Is It To Sell A Used Car?

How Challenging Is It To Sell A Used Car main

How Challenging Is It To Sell A Used Car?

If the thought of selling a used car has you quaking at the knees, don’t fear! It’s perfectly natural to worry about how best to tackle this process, especially if it’s your first time. And while there’s no doubt that there are challenges to overcome, with the right advice and a bit of effort, you can get a good deal.

Getting It Valued

This is perhaps the most important part of the process, since whichever platform you use to sell your car, you’ll want to know whether or not the price that’s offered is a competitive one.

There are lots of ways to work out the market value of a vehicle, no matter its age and condition. You could take it to a dealership directly, but this puts you in a sales situation which can often be pressured, uncomfortable and tricky to navigate.

Alternatively you could use an online tool to get an idea of its value. This may be less precise than a firsthand evaluation by a dealer, but will give you a baseline figure to work with and ensure your expectations are realistic.

Also remember that values fluctuate according to demand; diesel vehicles are holding strong at the moment, but trends change.

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Advertising Your Used Car

To sell a second hand car you can either market it to private buyers, or target dealers. The former will usually allow you to achieve a higher sale price, while the latter will let you benefit from swift, professional service by specialists and even secure a part exchange if required.

To court both markets at once, a site like Autovolvo can be a real boon. AutoVolo shares your car with dealers as well as with private buyers, giving you access to a national network of prospective interested parties.

Be aware that advertising your used car, whether online or via some other platform, will usually come with an associated fee. This is often worth paying if the service is designed to cut out a lot of the hassle that comes with organising everything yourself.

Handling Haggling

This is the part of selling a used car that people dread the most, as you can expect to deal with offers and negotiation tactics if you choose to visit a dealer direct or sell online.

The best way to conquer haggling is with thorough preparation. Have a minimum sale price in mind, below which you will not be willing to budge. If you are not happy with the price offered, know that you can walk away and wait for a better deal. Most of the pressure you feel will be self-imposed, so try not to get too bogged down by your own thoughts.

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Considering Alternatives

There are other ways to sell a used car, with some owners opting to take advantage of auction services. Even with values slipping slightly in this sector, it is still worth considering if you are eager to part ways with a vehicle quickly.

An auction can also be an interesting place to look for a car to replace your old one, although it’s important not to get caught up in the bidding process and make your first visit more of an investigative jaunt.

Providing Paperwork

However you sell your used car, you will need a few bits of paperwork to make sure that the process is all above board.

The VC5 registration document supplied by the DVLA will have all you need to signify the change in ownership, making it essential. Having the log book which outlines the service history of the vehicle will also be sensible, as without evidence of the work that’s been done the car’s resale value will suffer.


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