Five Latest Trends In Cutting Edge Car Styling And Hot Performance Tuning


The auto industry, since its beginning in the early 20th century, has become a platform of self-expression and individualism. It has long transformed from component of utilitarian design to a canvas of unlimited potential that is confined only by the boundaries of imagination.

Auto trends may come and go, however, regardless of which way you slice it or dice it, these trends have influenced the way we tune our cars, how they sound or how they look.

Here are the 5 latest trends in cutting edge auto styling and performance tuning.

1. Lambo-style Door Conversion

Love it or hate it, the Lambo-style door conversions took modifications to a whole new level. Catering to the show-oriented car enthusiasts, you can now make a car door that goes in a direction that is not side-converted or pulled out.

Five Latest Trends In Cutting Edge Car Styling And Hot Performance Tuning lambo

Image: mitchellhdz via Flickr

Lambo-style doors are now easy to install, affordable and come with bolt-on kits which can be switched back to stock easily, not like the custom Lambo conversions in the late 90s which usually require you to splurge a few thousand dollars and over 4 months of downtime just to complete.

2. Modern Tech Integration

The 21st century is indeed an era of advancements and innovation. The auto industry is also taking a leap into the tech industry and the 2 industries are producing some great and pretty exciting choices for consumers. And I’m not suggesting back up cameras and blind spot sensors because we are already there. I’m talking about really smart tech integrations like smart AI assistants from the tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Voice recognition is getting extremely advanced and manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, and Toyota are equipping the cloud base voice service from Amazon, Alexa, in order to control navigation systems and infotainment systems with just a simple voice command. We are seeing cars with Samsung Android OS systems that can use data from other cars in order to measure spaces between parked cars and work together with innovative car parking systems like the ones offers. These systems assist drivers to quickly find parking spots as well as systems that can display the Waze navigation app to avoid traffic.

3. Vinyl Graphics

What started out as a real DIY, custom type of deal is now a must-have accessory for most owners of cars and modified vehicles. Vinyl graphics needed to be cut down with precision using knives back in the day, however, thanks to the advancement of modern electronics, computers can now cut any graphics or logo, from a simple sponsor placement to a complete revamp of your car’s exterior.

Five Latest Trends In Cutting Edge Car Styling And Hot Performance Tuning white

Image: mikesstripes via Flickr

What’s amazing about this type of modification is that it can easily be removed or altered without sacrificing your entire paycheck to a paint job.

4. Sick Retro Styling

It seems like it was only yesterday when the 2005 Mustang came out. And for the muscle car fans, the Mustang signifies very positive movement in the automotive design trend. It seems like we are going back to the roots, after all.

Now, we see a lot of car styling with the retro look and the muscle characteristics. As a matter of fact, this trend has paved the way for other models to follow and even resurrected some from the dead models like the Dodge Challenger. The Challenger has been brought back to terrorize roads with its SRT Demon model that is quicker down the quarter mile than the Lambo Avendatir SV, Ferrari 488, 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

5. Polished Wheels

Wheels can make or break the look of any vehicle. And this is probably the most important tuning to consider. Last year, the road saw a steep rise in polished wheels and will continue to do so this year. Ranging from polished lips on the rarest BBS to fully polished drift spec, it seems like the polished effect has become a very popular choice for car enthusiasts.

Five Latest Trends In Cutting Edge Car Styling And Hot Performance Tuning red

Image: showwheels via Flickr

The only trouble with these gorgeous looking polished wheels is that they will require extreme patience and care to remain spotless through the ever-changing weather and roads.


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