Some of the Very Best European Road Trips

Some of the Very Best European Road Trips main

Some of the Very Best European Road Trips

International car rental company, makes luxury cars more accessible and affordable than ever before, by allowing customers to rent cars directly through local fleet companies. A unique addition to the sharing economy, iSuperdrive works with a large trusted network of partners to offer the most competitive rental prices on thousands of vehicles from iconic brands.

As well as access to the most unique and desirable vehicles, iSuperdrive also offers a wide range of driving experiences and tours around the world. Here they have selected some of the best European road trips to book this year, along with a perfectly matched vehicle, to suit all tastes.

Some of the Very Best European Road Trips stelvio pass

Discover the iconic Stelvio Pass and complete the ‘world’s greatest driving road’ in a Porsche 911 Carrera 4

At an elevation of 9,045 feet above sea level, the Stelvio Pass is one of the most scenic drives in the world. With an unparalleled location in the depths of the Italian Ortler Alps, drivers can expect both spectacular scenery and exhilarating views. The road itself is a marvel of engineering skill and the thrilling serpentine sections ask to be driven in a high-performance car.

One of iSuperdrive’s partners has created a bespoke Swiss Alps & Stelvio driving tour that provides a combination of both this exceptional piece of road and the opportunity to tackle it in a Porsche 911 Carrera 4. Starting in Zürich, the four-day adventure takes drivers on an unforgettable drive from Switzerland to Italy, along the high-altitude road that presents over fifty 180-degree hairpin corners. Following praise from Jeremy Clarkson as “the greatest driving road in the world”, this invigorating voyage deserves its place on many bucket lists.

Some of the Very Best European Road Trips lamborghini

Combine exhilaration with relaxation in the Black Forest, Baden behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan

The Black Forest is home to a seemingly endless number of sweeping trails and deserted roads; a keen driver’s dream. One of the finest being the northern stretch of elevated Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, Route 500. This course combines open sections of elevated road, offering breathtaking views of the Rhine Valley and Black Forest, with a thrilling hairpin run back through the dense woodland.

iSuperdrive offers an exceptional Black Forest and Spa driving trip that includes both the best car trails Southern Germany has to offer and a chance to relax and unwind in idyllic spa hotels. For the ultimate experience, tackle the exciting roads behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan. With unprecedented prestige and quality, this car adds a whole level of exhilaration and challenge to the trails of the Black Forest.

Some of the Very Best European Road Trips pac verdon

Daringly explore the natural phenomenon, Gorges du Verdon in the comfort of a Ferrari 488 GTB

The National Parc Verdon is home to the fantastic chasm of the Gorges du Verdon, a sublime natural canyon that has been carved overtime by the Verdon River. A drive around this stunning wonder is not for the fainthearted but unparalleled views and hairpin bends are aplenty.

iSuperdrive has on offer the Verdon & Alpes-Maritimes tour, an ideal three-day experience for travellers who want to experience a lot of driving but can only take a short break. Although a choice of car is offered, the Ferrari 488 GTB is unquestionably the perfect vehicle to tackle this nail-biting journey. With incredible performance and power, this car will comfortably take drivers along the wonderful viewpoints down to the river below. This journey is sure to put a smile on every driving enthusiasts face.

Some of the Very Best European Road Trips lake como

Revel in the romance and scenery of Lake Como in an Aston Martin Vantage

Set in the shadow of the Rhaetian Alps with steep wooded hills on both sides, Lake Como’s winding shoreline is home to an abundance of charming villages and provides an idyllic and romantic driving route. iSuperdrive has the perfect adventure that encompasses the scenic south western shores while adding a true indulgence as travellers drive themselves in a soft-top Aston Martin Vantage.

Begin in Zurich, winding your way through the snow-covered mountain range and down to the beautiful resort of Tremezzo where an array of fragrant flowers and stunning views steal the show. Then head back to the Swiss city, passing through the San Bernardino Pass, one of the most enchanting Alpine panoramas.

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