Where to Find Humane Pigeon Control Methods That Work?

Where to Find Humane Pigeon Control Methods to Work main

It feels good to feed bread crumbs to the pigeons in the park or at some avenue, but it becomes annoying if you have to deal with the pigeons’ droppings daily and other damage they cause to your property. Many pigeon control programs are effective, but the argument against them is that they pose a severe threat to the well being of the pigeons and come under harassment. But some pigeon control methods are humane and do not pose any injury or life threat to the pigeons and are very effective in keeping the pigeons away from your property.

This article is all about the humane pigeon control methods that work.

Many humane methods are effective and provide profound results. Following are some of the humane pigeon control methods:

Birth control:

Birth control, as the name suggests, is used to reduce the new pigeons’ reproduction. The contraceptives are added to the bread pellets and fed to the pigeons. The active ingredient in the contraceptives mixes with the pigeons’ blood, and when it reaches a certain level in the blood, the contraceptives do their magic and do not let the eggs fertilize. When the unfertilized eggs are laid by the pigeons, they do not hatch and help in controlling the pigeon population.


It is one of the most effective pigeon control methods. If the pigeons are frightened by the decoy owl and hawk, or put the spikes on your ledges and in extreme cases, you poison the pigeons, but the pigeon problem is still there because they are increasing rapidly in numbers. Pigeons breed almost six times a year, and each time at least two eggs hatch. On average, one pigeon pair reproduces 400 offspring within two years. So, the birth control method is a humane, long-term, and permanent solution to the pigeon problem.

Pigeon Deterrent Spikes:

The spikes are not new to anyone. They have been used as a pigeon deterrent technique for many years. The spikes are the most common and inexpensive method to keep the pigeons away from your homes, property, ledges, beams, and window sills, and yet it will not do any physical harm to the pigeons. It is effortless to install the pigeon deterrent spikes.


The pigeon deterrent spikes are 100% effective for households and more extensive facilities such as airports and industries. It is the simplest humane way to keep the pigeons off your window sills, rooftops, ledges, rafters, beams, gutters, chimneypots, wooden fence panels, etc. The spikes quickly stop the pigeon problem. The birds move to the other place without getting injured.

Where to Find Humane Pigeon Control Methods to Work ground

Effigies or Get a Decoy:

The effigies or the decoy is an effective method to keep the pigeons off your property. The pigeons have their natural predators, such as owls and hawks, and if they see one on your property, the pigeons will stay away from it. All you have to do is get a natural-looking owl or hawk decoy and place it on your rooftop or any other spot where the pigeons like to roost.


This humane method is beneficial if used wisely. Because the pigeons get accustomed to the decoy and do not take it as a real threat after some time, you have to move the decoy to different spots from time to time not to lose its effectiveness. Always use effigies that have natural dimensions. Some decoys are available in the market that can even move their head and make it look more real.

Use Gels and Optical Gels:

Gels are sticky substances placed on the ledges or any other area where the pigeons http://www.youtube.com/like to nest or perch. These sticky gels mostly have added substances that have an odd smell, for instance, peppermint oil. The weird smells repel the pigeons. On the other hand, the optical gels emit ultraviolet light that looks like a flare to the pigeons, and they avoid going near it.


Both the gels and the optical gels are very effective pigeon control methods. Suppose a stubborn pigeon ignores the odd smell coming out of gels and the flare-like looking optical gels and lands on them; the sticky gel sticks to their feet, which the pigeon finds very offensive. The gels are humane and do not contain any poison or any other substance that harms the pigeons.

Ultrasonic Emitters:

The ultrasonic repeller emits sounds that only birds, animals, and other wildlife can hear. Humans do not hear the sounds emitted by ultrasonic emitters, so you do not need to worry about disturbing your neighbours.


It is one of the effective humane pigeon control methods. The ultrasonic emitter emits a high-pitched sound that frightens the pigeons, and they stay away from your property. They are humane and do not torture the birds and wildlife by continuously emitting sounds. The ultrasonic emitters have a motion detector and come into action when a pigeon tries to land on your property.


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