UK Gaming: The Future is in the North

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UK Gaming: The Future is in the North

Since the Middle Ages, parts of Northern England have been synonymous with innovation and grandeur. Yorkshire is a prime example as it practically led the English industrial revolution through its textile, coal, iron, and steel industries, boasting some of the most beautiful architecture and landscapes in the UK, not to mention famous authors, like Joanne Harris and the Brontë sisters.

Its population of over 5.3 million people has plenty to be proud of. Its modern culture is celebrated for much more than its tea, puddings or musical geniuses, numbering the Arctic Monkeys and Pulp among them, all good reasons to call Yorkshire home. The county’s, and the whole North of England’s, newest achievement is becoming a thriving technological hub, involved in almost every aspect of the modern digital world from online businesses to video games.

Their specialisation in such fields is evident in the confident and diligent construction of Life Online at The National Media Museum in Bradford. This is the world’s first gallery exploring the internet’s history and impact on various areas of 21st century society. Another significant event took place at the same venue in 2016. The Yorkshire Games Festival demonstrated the county’s integral contribution to the UK gaming industry. While Team17’s 1995 title ‘Worms’ took an honorary bow for its 21st anniversary, the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) praised Yorkshire’s technological successes. The abundance of video game companies in Northern England is therefore hardly a surprise.


Established in 2011, this team, in partnership with the game studio Mojang AB, is primarily known for developing a particular brand of apps for iOS, Android, Smart Watches, and Apples TV. 57Digital are the creators of Minecraft Explorer, a nifty companion for Minecraft fans. Based in Sheffield, the company also produces mobile apps for other businesses, providing the technological community a combination of helpful and entertaining services. Mobile gaming is, after all, a profitable, if competitive, sector to go into. According to a statistic on the UK Games Map, 47% of titles released in Yorkshire alone have been for iOS, a considerable leap from the 16% that was for Windows.

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Blueprint Gaming Ltd

 Blueprint Gaming has existed in Newark since 2007 as part of the Gauselmann Group, developers of slot games for online, mobile, and land-based platforms in Germany, Italy, and the UK. As a very popular casino game, slots have evolved with the times and earned their place in the hierarchy of favourite digital pastimes. According to Betway Casino the slot reels and levers has been enhanced by features like the Scatter Symbol that offers rewards while playing or the Wild Symbol that can substitute a standard symbol in order to create a winning combination. Yorkshire certainly appears to have covered a large portion of the gaming market.

Game Republic Ltd

This company could be considered the backbone of the region’s productivity. Stating that it runs Game Republic and GaMaYo, the two largest video gaming networks in Yorkshire and the North of England, does not do it justice. Its team manages events and a horde of members, including Team17, Double Eleven, and Revolution Software, as well as the provision of game evaluations, development, and consultancy to those who need it. The prominent presence of GR at the 20th Game Developers Conference 2016 in San Francisco, supported by UK Trade & Investment and leading over 40 companies, left a fruitful mark for Northern England’s hard-working tech and gaming businesses.

Digital Creativity Labs

The name says it all. Based in York, DC Labs combines science, innovation, and real-world mentalities to research everything related to digital technology. With an £18 million investment and the support of top organisations, universities, and research councils, they are well on their way to improving not only the gaming experience but also the industry as a whole. Exciting ongoing projects tackle eSports analytics, Organic Art VR, AI in games, and so much more. The North of England is not just about fun and games. It is reaching for technological excellence.

Modern technologies are refining the UK spirit and its northern areas are delighted with the result. In fact, they are on a mission. Even office refurbishment companies in Leeds, where over 25,000 people are reportedly employed in the Digital, Information and Creative sector, are ready to meet the need for stimulation and comfort in the work environment of a communications agency, for example, focused on Media, Digital, and PR. From developers to scientists, mobile screens to conference panels, the North of England has proven its passionate intent to become a force to be reckoned with in the UK’s video gaming and overall digital sector.


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