Travel Insurance Explained Adopts a Flamingo from Flamingo Land

Travel Insurance Explained Adopts a Flamingo from Flamingo Land solitary

Consumer awareness campaign, Travel Insurance Explained has adopted a flamingo from one of Yorkshire’s favourite Theme Parks, Flamingo Land.

Travel Insurance Explained has been set up to help the British public understand the ins and outs of travel insurance, so that they are able to choose a policy which meets their needs and expectations. The latest research from Travel Insurance Explained, which surveyed 5,000 people, identified that holidaymakers from Yorkshire are 26% more likely to pay with cash rather than card when abroad, than those from down South and London.

Travel Insurance Explained Adopts a Flamingo from Flamingo Land group

“Lots of exciting plans”

Did you know, if you do not keep your cash in a locked safe or on your person and it’s lost or stolen your travel insurance is unlikely to cover you?

This is just one common mistake made by UK travellers, which is why Travel Insurance Explained has created a multimedia awareness campaign, which includes a series of animations, which help to hi-light the differences there are in travel insurance cover and what to look out for when buying a policy.

Fiona Macrae, from Travel Insurance Explained, says: “We are delighted to be adopting a flamingo. Fernando, our flamingo, is always popping up in our animations explaining travel insurance, and we have lots of exciting plans for him, so adopting a flamingo made perfect sense to us. We look forward to seeing our donations help Flamingo Land continue their work in the conservation of these beautiful birds.”

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