Stock up on Office Supplies with These Simple Tips


Every office has experienced running out of supplies. The worst part is that this usually happens at a crucial moment, such as when you need to print an urgent document. Your printer runs out of ink, or your office suddenly does not have enough paper. Sometimes, you even find yourself out of coffee while an important client is waiting in the boardroom.

To keep your business operations running smoothly, you must always have a well-stocked office. But how can you pull this off? Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you have all your office supplies ready when you need them.

Audit your existing supplies and usage

Having a well-stocked workplace begins with a comprehensive inventory of things you have, so you can see how much you utilise daily. Before shopping in bulk, it is

imperative to audit your core consumables, including paper, ink, and break room necessities. Ideally, identify how much of each item you consume in one month. An audit will help you determine an estimated amount of the things you need to keep on hand.

Come up with a master order list

After you become aware of your usage, as well as the things you have on hand, it’s time to create a comprehensive list of office supply must-haves. When making a master list, do not forget to list the brand, item number, and other pertinent information to guarantee easy and fast ordering. You may also ask employees to list down the items they’ll need in excess or if they need a few things to be ordered in bulk.

Dedicate a space for your stock

An easy method to keep track of your office essentials is by placing them in a dedicated space in your office. If you have limited closet space, it may be best to purchase a cabinet for extra supplies. Storage cabinets are essential, especially if you buy certain things in bulk. Take your organisation skills up a notch by storing them in groups and clearly labelling them.

Set a routine stock check

Assign one person in your office to record the things in your supplies closet. Ideally, the task should be delegated to a detailed-oriented employee willing to take on the job. Mark their calendar for regular checkups. Depending on how often employees take out supplies in your stock, you can set a routine check weekly or monthly. By reviewing the status of your office core consumables, you will have an idea of how soon you need to stock up on supplies.

Final thoughts

Stop worrying about running out of supplies. Be proactive and create an automatic re-stock program with your preferred supplier. A dedicated vendor can replenish your supplies, so all you need to do is wait for them to deliver your office essentials on your agreed-upon schedule. An excellent option is to start using innovative products, including printers that can automatically place an order when the ink

reaches a certain threshold. These simple tips will keep your office organised and running efficiently.


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