Should the Casinos of Leeds Seek to Modernise to keep up with their Online Counterparts?

Should the Casinos of Leeds Seek to Modernise to keep up with their Online Counterparts main

Leeds is home to a number of long-running and successful casinos including the Grosvenor Casino, Napoleons, and the Victoria Gate Casino. These gambling sites have enjoyed success over the years and were all well-established long before the online casino industry took flight. But now virtual casinos are booming and, as they become more advanced, they threaten the future of their brick and mortar forefathers. Leeds casinos may need to modernise and take on new features if they are to keep up with the flourishing online sector.

When online casinos first burst onto the scene, a lot of gamblers were pessimistic about them. How could these virtual sites possibly hope to recreate the thrill and the buzzing atmosphere of a real casino? They included virtual games on which the outcomes were determined by random number generators, there was no social interaction, and a distinct lack of classic casino noise.

The online sector took a little while to get going but software developers have gradually worked towards bringing a genuine casino experience to players in their homes. Now, online casinos have live streaming videos of real tables, more interaction between players and dealers, and super advanced slot games. They can offer so much more than real casinos as well. For instance, at Redbet online casino, along with table games and slots, there is live betting and poker available. Online casinos aren’t limited by space and can include as many games as they wish. This exponential expansion makes real world casinos feel somewhat restricted.

“Up-and-coming spectator sport”

It should come as no surprise that the revenue generated by the online casino is increasing at an alarming rate. In 2009, the sector was only worth $20 billion but, by 2020, that figure is projected to rise to $59.79 billion. Part of this is to do with the fact that the industry is so open to new developments and pounces upon them quickly. Things like virtual and augmented reality are expected to advance online casinos further.

The land-based casinos of Leeds may need to do something to attract the millennial crowd who have grown up with online, virtual gambling experiences. One way to do this would be to capitalise on the growing eSports scene. Some casinos across the world, such as the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, have decided to build their own eSports arenas. Competitive gaming is an up-and-coming spectator sport and people who establish arenas now could be set to reap the rewards in a few years’ time. If casinos like Napoleons included eSports, they would be able to attract a younger crowd who could then go on to play games in the casino.

In the past, it was online casinos that had to try to catch up with the land-based gambling houses. But, now, the tables have turned dramatically. Leeds casinos may be wise to try to incorporate virtual elements such as eSports now, in order to attract the younger generation.


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