The Pros and Cons of Using Self-Storage Units

The Pros and Cons of Using Self-Storage Units main

Are you sorting out your household, moving or have run out of storage space? If you fall into any of these categories, it is time to consider renting a storage unit. Self-storage is a practical solution for people or businesses that need extra space to store items away from their homes or places of work.

The affordability, convenience and location of self-storage stores offer consumers safe and reliable storage units to suit their needs. Let us look at how self-storage works as well as what the positive and negative considerations of storage are.

How Self-Storage Works

Self-storage is a do-it-yourself solution in a secure area that meets your personal or business needs. Finding storage is as easy as finding a store online, choosing the size of the area you require for storage, booking your unit, and moving your items into storage when you are ready.

If you are looking for flexible and affordable storage in West Yorkshire, Safestore has two locations with onsite parking to service your needs. Leeds self storage options may be the right choice for your personal, business or student needs, which may include the following:

Personal Needs for Self-Storage:

• An interim solution for moving into a smaller home
• A safe place to keep your items whilst moving
• A place to store your belongings if you are moving overseas while transit plans are being made
• Hobbies, collections or sports paraphernalia that you don’t have space for at home
• Items that you have acquired or inherited and don’t have immediate plans for
• Storage space for big items your home cannot accommodate
• Safe and secure storage during home renovations
• Emergency needs; fire or storm damage at home

The Pros and Cons of Using Self-Storage Units boxes

Business Needs:

• Documents or filing that needs to be kept but is not needed at the office
• Excess inventory or inventory that does not fit in your office space
• Storage space when moving offices or downscaling
• Storing seasonal stock
• Exhibition, trading equipment or supplies
• Office furniture and accessories
• Secure storage during office renovations
• Emergency needs; fire or storm damage at home

The Pros of Self-Storage

Most professionally run self-storage stores offer private and secure access to your belongings and offer security and insurance on your stored items. The added convenience of having all your items stored is another benefit which provides peace of mind for home and business owners who need a storage solution.

The pros:

• Flexible terms; short- or long-term leases are available
• Depending on the provider, no deposits are necessary
• Affordable
• Safe, secure and accessible
• Space increases or decreases with your space requirements
• Long-term storage discounts
• Clean, dry and monitored storage stores
• Onsite parking
• Onsite packaging materials for sale
• Small and large items can be stored
• Only the lessee of the unit has the keys to the padlock for the unit
• Industry standards offer peace of mind
• Reduction of clutter at home

The Cons of Self-Storage

Although self-storage is a much-needed solution for many homeowners, businesses and students, there are a few cons to consider when choosing to store items.
There are fewer cons than pros when making use of self-storage, but you should consider the following cons and be prepared for the following drawbacks of storage leasing:

• Fly-by-night storage providers exist who are not members of the Self-Storage Association UK (SAA UK)
• Not all storage providers are open 24/7
• Self-storage is not suitable for the storing of weapons, firearms, perishable items, food or plants
• Extra cost of insuring belongings in storage
• The organisation and cost of moving your items to and from storage

Self-storage offers consumers the opportunity to organise and de-clutter their homes and businesses which is often necessary. Life-events can happen at any time and require the need for storage from time to time, which is why self-storage is the perfect interim solution.


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