How to Get Your Social Security Card on The Same Day

How To Get Your Social Security Card On The Same Day lock

How to Get Your Social Security Card on The Same Day

The social security card is regarded as the unofficial national ID of the United States. In case someone loses their social security card, it can affect their work in the US, especially if they happen to be immigrants. So it is necessary to safeguard the social security card.

In Case You Lose Your Social Security Card:

You can apply online for the replacement social security card. You will have to fill out a form known as an ss-4 form, and the form must be submitted on the same day for processing. You can either get a copy online of your new card, or you can collect it in person from the nearby social security office.

Documents Required For Applying For A New Card:

You must provide documents to verify your age and identity. You can provide your birth certificate to verify your age, and you can provide your passport, driving license or any other photo ID to verify your identity.

To prove the authenticity of any document that you submit it needs to be certified by a government official. If you have opted for the online process, then along with the application the necessary documents that are required to verify your identity have to be scanned and mailed.

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The Process To Apply For A Replacement Card:

Immediate action is taken to generate a new card if you choose to fill out the form and hand it over in person at your nearby social security office. In case if you opt to apply online, you must fill the ss-4 form and submit it on the same day.

You can also take a print out of the ss-4 form that is available online and mail it to the social security office. But this kind of procedure generally takes time for processing due to the time is taken for the application to reach the social security office.

Though the process appears quite simple, some problem or other technical reasons might be encountered resulting in complicated processes. This will delay your process of applying for the new social security card.

The best way to avoid these delays while filing for your replacement of social security card is to rope in a filling specialist to fill your form so that you can avoid all problems that will result in the delay. Agencies that assist individuals in getting social security cards, possess the experience to be able to ensure that all details and submissions are as per requirements. This will ensure that the application does not get rejected due to the improper filing. Additionally, as the documents will be in order, the allotment of card and numbers will be a lot smoother.

It Is Important To Handle Your Social Security Card Securely:

The social security card is a very important document, and it must be kept away from unknown individuals. If you use your card quite casually as other documents, you are at risk of identity theft.


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