A Guide to Dog Bite Claims

A Guide to Dog Bite Claims main

A Guide to Dog Bite Claims

When most people think of insurance claims, they think of cars, but every year thousands of dog bites happen across the US. As dog-related injuries can lead to scarring and ongoing trauma, compensation can be a complex and emotional process.

Dog bite laws differ depending on where you are, and the circumstances of your unique case will determine who is liable. Most of the time it is the owner of the dog. To help you to understand what is involved a little better, below you’ll find a guide to dog bite claims in the USA.

Seek Medical Help

You may look at your wound and think it will be fine without medical attention but consider that dogs can carry many infections. It’s imperative that you seek medical help. You may require a tetanus injection and should seek advice immediately.

Gather as Many Details as Possible

Although it might be difficult to get the details of the dog’s owner, this information makes the process of claiming much easier. Additionally, try to get the details of any witnesses, and if it is possible to do so, take a photo of the dog. If the attack happened in a public area, then there might be security camera footage available.

Keep your clothing from the attack as well as any receipts for expenses such as emergency medical and travel expenses. Take photos of your injuries shortly after the attack, but also do so in the following months and weeks to show the extent of the injury and how long the recovery process takes.

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What You Can Claim For

Again, the law varies depending on the state, contacting a Boston Dog bite attorney of your choice is the easiest way to get an idea what you are entitled to. Some of the common claims that can occur as a result of a dog bite include loss of income, medical costs, emotional trauma, and damage to property (clothing or glasses for example).

Other Types of Claims

Dog bites are not the only types of claims that you might be able to make. If a dog has chased you, and it resulted in injury (you may have fallen while running or fallen from your bike), then it is possible to claim for this. Personal circumstances are also considered. For instance, claims can be different for the elderly and the young.

Even if you aren’t the victim of a dog-related injury, you may have a claim for loss of earnings if you had to take time off work to care for a family member that has been the victim of a dog attack.

Attacks from dangerous or banned dog breeds can also affect your claim, and these can differ depending on the state. This is why it is always best to use an attorney local to you. The emotional stress caused by a dog bite can have a lasting effect. Don’t hesitate to contact a dog bite attorney to help you to get the compensation you deserve.


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