The Labour Market in Scotland

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Are you planning to move and choose a perfect place to work and live? Then think of Scotland! It is a cosmopolitan country where everybody can feel comfortable. For sure, Scotland is a stunning country with extensive history, a growing economy and spectacular scenery – those landscapes are unforgettable. But, let’s get back to the facts.

Economy and employment

According to statistics the Scottish economy has grown by 0.3 per cent in the last quarter, while unemployment went down to 3.4% – and according to official data, average wages have been raised. Now they are:

  • Apprentice – £3.90
  • Youth aged 18-20 – from £4.35 to £6.15
  • Youth aged 21-24 – £7.70
  • People over 25 – £8.21

The average salary is £31,392. Surprisingly, wages in Scotland are 40% higher than in other parts of the UK.

Some of the most well-paid average salaries are:

  • Top managers, chief executive – £97,626
  • Doctors – £80,266
  • Pilots – £68,467
  • Finance manager – £56,479

Average salaries in lower-paid jobs include:

  • Waiters – £12,183;
  • Kitchen assistants – £12,766;
  • Hairdressers – £12,844;
  • Sales assistants – £14,142.

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The government claims that its main priority in Scotland is economy growth and supporting business.

Scotland is a hub for many industries, such as electronic technologies, energy industry, medicine, science. It’s an educational centre. This county suggests a lot of work opportunities for everybody.

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Advantages and disadvantages of living and working in Scotland

Scotland is a welcoming, warm and friendly country. All you need to work is a visa (in some cases), knowledge of English, the right education and skills. To confirm your diploma you have to apply to NARIC. If you are from a country within EEA or Switzerland, you don’t need a visa.

So, what are the pluses working in Scotland?

  • Low level of unemployment;
  • High salaries;
  • Good working conditions and social compensations;
  • Scotland is a home to such global companies as Morgan Stanley and Hewlett Packard, Amazon, pureLifi, 4J Studios, Skyscanner, etc.;
  • Opportunity to balance work and life. Scotland is not as high-paced, as, let’s say, England. You can do both: lead a peaceful life and make a great career;
  • You can combine education and work here. Education is available for all ages and all languages in Scotland;
  • Employers often motivate their employees by different kinds of rewarding;
  • And, finally, 28 days of paid vocation or even more, depending on employer.

Add to this the natural beauty of the Scottish countryside and you have a recipe for happiness.

There are not many disadvantages to living and working in Scotland, aside from the often rainy and chilly climate, like in most parts of the UK. The local dialects can sometimes prove challenging to understand to non-native speakers – and even to people whose first language is English. But over time you will become accustomed.

With all these advantages, could Scotland become your new work and home destination?


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