How Clean Is Your Office?

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Whether you have a home office or you have an office within a building, cleaning your office often doesn’t come top of your priorities list, but it should. Having a tidy workspace is one thing, but having a dirty and unclean office will leave you feeling defeated and demotivated, which is not how you want to start or end the day.

To start with, you need to work out where your priorities lie in terms of cleaning your office on a daily basis. It is important to try and do at least 5 minutes office cleaning and tidying before you start your day or just after you finish it. Just doing cleaning in short sharp bursts will ensure that you can get on top of the cleaning quickly and, most importantly, stay on top of it. Your desk and workspace will be harbouring dirt, grime, and germs, so it is essential you use antibacterial wipes and spray where you can.

Top Tips For Quick Office Cleaning

• Disinfect daily. Grime and germs love everything that you touch, breathe on and come into contact with, so clean that office phone, the mouse, the keyboard, and everything else you can. Just be careful not to use anything that will stain or discolour your office equipment. If in doubt, use a product on an inconspicuous surface to test it and always follow the manufactures guidelines.
• Keep your workspace and working areas tidy and organised. Cleaning is easier, and can be done quicker, if spaces are free from clutter. So, with this in mind, why not spend a bit of time organising your office, getting it more functional and enjoyable to work in. Decluttering will make you feel good, and will stop you from harbouring unnecessary stuff in the future.
• Do something different every day. To ensure your whole office gets cleaned weekly and to ensure you don’t get bored, it is very important to do something different each and every day. To make sure you get everything done within the working week, create a cleaning schedule. Following a cleaning schedule for just a few minutes a day will help you get into a routine that will eventually become second nature.
• Empty small bins on a daily basis and larger bins on a weekly basis; this will ensure piles of rubbish do not build up as bins will never get full.
• Keep antibacterial wipes in a drawer within your desk so that you can wipe your desk as you move through your day. This will save you from doing one big clean at the end of the day.
• Don’t eat at your desk. Eating and drinking at your desk is a very bad habit and should be eliminated as soon as possible. Crumbs from your food can get into keyboards and other hard-to-clean crevices.

Don’t ever be afraid to get in the professionals should you wish. Cleaning is not for everyone and if you don’t fancy cleaning or just don’t want to use up time that you could spend working, then it’s time to call in a company that specialises in office cleaning.


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