Importance of the Bungee Cord Supplier within the Textile Business

Importance of the Bungee Cord Supplier within the Textile Business main

A bungee cord can also be known as an elastic cord. This cord is composed of one or several elastic strands which form a core that is covered in a polypropylene sheath or cotton on the exterior. The central cord is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber or even both depending on the bungee cord manufacturer, while the interior has polypropylene, cotton or nylon material. A bungee cord supplier mainly focuses on the provision of certain amounts of elongations that are used for different applications.

It is important to consider the required elongation ratings together with the right diameter before buying the bungee cord. Those bungee cords with larger diameters seem stronger but do not stretch as required. It is also important to check on the casing material in terms of UV light resistance, abrasion and to ensure it is made of waterproof material. Bungee cords also come in a wide range of colours and patterns. They should match with an overall textile product to guarantee a uniform appearance.

Importance of the Bungee Cord Supplier within the Textile Business elastic

Elastic Jute Cord for packaging

How Important is it in the Textile Industry?

Bungee cords are mainly used in clothing products owing to their increased tightness and strength, as well as their gripping and holding capacities. When they stretch, they return to their original forms without ever losing their natural properties. Soft bungee cords are used with soft textiles and lightweight items such as lingerie, pyjamas, waistbands and in sportswear. Once sewn on the fabric, they provide increased comfort and enhance maximum movement.

Bungee cords that are of various elongation ratings and strengths are used in accessories such as bracelets and headbands. Bungee cord manufacturers also integrated them in sports shoelaces in order to provide more comfort, enhance high mobility and improve flexibility.

Bungee cords are also integrated on household fabrics like bed sheets and sofa set covers. The cord secures the fabric in place to allow easy replacement after cleaning. The bungee cord should integrate high strengths and uniform elongation properties in order to achieve optimum results. To ensure there is maximum durability of the products, the cords should have high shock absorbance and should be UV resistant. The above are some things to consider before choosing the best bungee cord supplier.

Importance of the Bungee Cord Supplier within the Textile Business elastic running

Technical elastic laces for sport

Uses of Bungee Cords

a) Aircraft
Bungee cords were mainly used to provide lightweight suspension for aircraft carriages and are still being used today on small homebuilt aircraft where weight remains critical.

b) Parachuting
Bungees are used in parachuting to assist in the opening of the old style parachute container after pulling of the ripcord

c) Securing objects without tying the knot
They are used to secure objects without knots and act as shock absorbers.

d) Used to make bungee chairs
Bungee cords are also used to make bungee chairs for maximum luxury and comfort.

Importance of the Bungee Cord Supplier within the Textile Business acrylic

Elastic cord covered with acrylic to avoid chafing

Bungee Cord Quality Control

The best quality control methods in bungee cords are labelling and colour-coding, visual inspection and testing.

  • Visual inspections ensure that any defect either from the inner or outer casing made during the production process is identified. The defects include breaks in the rubber, faulty woven casings and stains on the exterior cover.
  • Testing covers the tensile strength, elongation process, measuring of size, weight, and extension flexibility cycles.
  • The labelling and coding depend on the bungee cord manufacturer and bungee cord supplier, all in accordance with technical specifications and industry standards.


Bungee cords have a variety of uses in the textile industry. Reliable manufacturers ensure they integrate all the best practices and maintain quality standards in their production processes. Most textile industries use bungee cords to make products, which include household fabrics, clothing and apparel accessories. Top manufacturers use high-quality control methods to ensure their products meets the international standards in order to exceed textile industry requirements.


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