How to Open A Mattress Showroom


A mattress showroom is a great business opportunity. The mattress industry, according to the IBIS reports, will grow and progress over the next five years. So, if you are thinking about opening a new business, now is the right time to delve into the mattress industry.

Why is a mattress showroom an ideal business opportunity? A lot of people wonder why there are plenty of mattress shops all over the world, that conspiracy theories arise and debunked. In fact, mattress showrooms are one of the many retailers that online retailers can’t touch.

Well, that is because purchasing a mattress is a personal experience. Consumers need to touch and see a mattress before buying one to ensure they can enjoy an excellent night’s sleep. For a little help, here’s how to open a mattress showroom. Read on!

Why Open A Mattress Showroom?

Since people prefer to see and touch a mattress before buying, a mattress showroom is a great business opportunity. Mattress retailers have relatively low startup costs and low overhead. 

Plus, the mattress industry provides high-profit margins than grocery stores retailers because they depend on a high volume of sales to be lucrative. Bedding and mattress products usually last at least eight years. 

Thus, you will have a referral and repeat customers, provided that you keep them deliberately engrossed in your business. 

Advantages And Drawbacks Of Franchising

There are two business models to consider when planning your mattress showroom. Would you like to build your own brand, or do you want to franchise? Well, each business model has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

If you decide to franchise, you will have towering startup costs due to the franchise fee. However, you get lower marketing costs. Moreover, you get to benefit from co-op marketing, and you are not required to invest in establishing brand recognition.

Franchising a business usually have a procedure and a system for everything, from showroom design to marketing. It can be beneficial if you are a newbie to the business world. However, the drawback of franchising is that you would not have control of your business since you need to operate your business according to the rules of the franchise.

On the other hand, creating your own brand would need a higher budget for marketing to establish brand recognition. Plus, you would not have to deal with franchise fees. Additionally, starting your own brand, you are equipped with an opportunity and clean slate to build a positive relationship between the community and the brand. 

Survey the Local Area

You will need to research the local area and prospective neighborhoods for your business. For this reason, you must get clear or figure out who you would like to serve. Determining your target audience and what they’ll purchase will aid you in knowing what you should display in your showroom.

Also, you need to know how far potential buyers are willing to go to purchase a new mattress. This information will aid you in your marketing campaigns. If, for instance, your local area tends to buy affordable options, then showcase budget mattresses such as gelfoambed. Keep in mind that there is no sense in showcasing luxury mattresses if no one will purchase them.

Business Plan

If you plan to start a business venture, you need a business plan. Having a business plan is one of the critical steps you must take before starting a business. A business plan is a comprehensive plan that discusses everything about your business. 

It includes the brand, mission, vision, organizational structure, and ways to make money. Also, you must prove that your company is lucrative before starting it. The marketing plan, profit and loss projections, startup costs, and sales projections are some of the most vital elements of a business plan.

Get Funded

It costs at least 100,000 dollars to open a mattress showroom. So, if you do not have this big amount of money at the very beginning, then you need to get financing. You can do so by getting a loan. 


Although most people still purchase or shop mattresses and bedding products at a retail location, they tend to go online and search for mattress showrooms. With that said, you need to ensure that your company is at the top of the results page. When they’re ready to make a purchase, your business will easily be remembered.

There are three ways to market your company. It includes networking, direct mail, and local SEO. Keep in mind that marketing is both science and art. If your advertisement does not connect with your potential buyers, then it’s not effective. 


If you think that you are ready to delve into the business ownership world, opening a mattress showroom is an excellent place to start. Just remember to be consistent in your marketing schemes and plan ahead. 


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