How Local Businesses in Yorkshire can Best use Printed Envelopes

How Local Businesses in Yorkshire can Best use Printed Envelopes mainHow Local Businesses in Yorkshire can Best use Printed Envelopes main

Printed envelopes, such as can be found at specialist online printed services like are a considerably under-used resource. Local businesses can use printed envelopes in a number of different ways to help them grow. Also businesses that operate in the Yorkshire area can use them to their benefit.

Printed envelopes are an affordable and versatile tool that can be used for practical as well as marketing purposes. Putting them to use across a number of different everyday business activities can yield noticeable results. There is also the noticeable benefit that envelopes can be printed directly with names and addresses. Here are a few ideas for a little inspiration.

Envelopes for local promotional activities

Generating new business and new customers is best done through eye-catching promotional materials. What better way could there be to achieve that, than with specially printed custom envelopes? It stands to reason – there’s no easier way to stand out from the sea of white and off brown standard mail than with a splash of colour and excitement. Make a statement and allow creativity to be the driving force behind the brand image on display. Be unique, show some flair, and let customers know the true face of the business they’re dealing with. It’s a technique that works consistently.

How Local Businesses in Yorkshire can Best use Printed Envelopes plain

Efficient in-house mail

Specially printed envelopes can be used to make the process of sorting through the daily mail shots that much quicker and easier. For example, envelopes can be printed with text rather than labelled, which saves time and effort. Writing out a hundred envelopes is no fun, and neither is printing and labelling a hundred labels. There are other ways that customised printing can be used. For example, colour coding. Splitting mail into different streams designated by individual colours means that everyone always knows at a glance which piece of mail requires which envelope. It can save precious time, better used building the business.

Communicating efficiently

The average potential customer will receive multiple letters in the mail every day, so it’s important to stand out. Printed envelopes allow a local and regional business to communicate with the recipient before they’ve even opened the letter. This is the best way to ensure a letter is not cast into the rubbish before it’s properly opened. If the letter contains exciting new offers, print that on the envelope. If it has unique deals, make sure the customer knows.

There are numerous ways local business in Yorkshire can use customised envelopes to help grow their business!


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