Finance is Changing for the Better

Finance is Changing for the Better rebuildingsociety

By Bird Lovegod

I’ve been a journalist in the finance and technology sectors for around four years now, and that’s a long time in tech years.

In those four years I’ve seen companies being born, growing, changing, diversifying. I’ve seen companies die. I’ve seen attitudes change, the novelty boom in apps, the rise of a sector of financial technology, fintech, and the shock and Aww of Brexit.

Behind companies are people. In fact, it’s fair to say most small businesses and some huge companies, are an expression of their founders. Apple was a commercial manifestation of Steve Jobs, elegant design, beauty, intelligence. Facebook is what Mark Zuckerberg thinks the World should look like. People connected to people in a way that he himself is not.

Some companies just want to make money. The numbers become the score in the game, it’s all about the numbers. Others want to make a difference. They want to make things better in some way.

Finance is Changing for the Better

“Human and accessible”

I’ve always preferred those who see beyond the financial. Which is why I rather like writing for, a peer to peer business lender. Their goal is simple. To enable local businesses to raise money for growth by borrowing it from a pool of local people. The business grows, the people get their money back, plus interest, and everyone is happy.

They’re a Leeds-based company, sharing a building with the Yorkshire Post, just a handful of employees, plus freelancers like myself. They’re human, accessible, able to answer questions and be personal. They’re regulated by the FCA and a bit of a hidden gem.

For lenders it’s easy to try their service, you can register for free in a few moments, then lend as little as £10 to any of the businesses you like the look of. A typical return is in the region of 9%, which is rather good compared to, well, anything really.

For businesses wanting to borrow money, there’s a reassuringly thorough process designed to lead them to the desired outcome. Everyone, it is hoped, benefits. Everyone is on the same side. And this is one of the nice things about Everyone is on the same side. Imagine if that were true for all.


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