Everyday Stocks You Never Knew You Could Buy

Everyday Stocks You Never Knew You Could Buy ship

Everyday Stocks You Never Knew You Could Buy

Buying stocks and shares isn’t a new phenomenon; almost anyone can buy into listed companies or get their hands on owning commodities like gold or silver. Yet there are still some stocks you might not realise you can actually buy into – and we’re not talking about the latest cryptocurrency or peer-to-peer lending platform either.

Wine, or specifically Chateau Pavie wine

Not all wine is a great investment; some of it performs better than others. Chateau Pavie, from Bordeaux, has enjoyed annual returns of over 14% for its 2001 and 2004 bottles. While the thought of investing in the potentially alcoholic future of our society might not be ethical, let’s face facts; more and more people are drinking the stuff at home and less people are heading out for a pint down the pub. Wine drinking is particularly popular amongst millennials, as is drinking spirits. If you’re looking to invest in a major wine producer, then Constellation Brands (STZ) is one to look for.

Pigs, but not just any pigs: lean hogs

Pork is huge in America and one of the best-performing commodities in the agricultural sector. Every year, over 100 million pigs are brought to the slaughter and the demand for this most versatile of meats continues to grow. China is one of the biggest consumers of pork and much of the price of Lean Hog Futures rests on the dietary choices of the Asian superpower.

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Rain, yes you can trade the weather!

It makes the phrase “look at the ice-shoggles on tat gutter’ mean so much more when you know there is a whole market trading on the outcome of either a longer or a shorter icicle. But that’s exactly what the snow/rainfall futures predict on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where the prospect of a colder winter or a wetter spring can affect the price of salt spreading companies or the farming sector.

There’s a wide range of different stocks and commodities in use every day that can be traded. Take a look at Alkeon Capital and how they manage their stocks and holdings. Future contracts can be traded in the same way as the stock exchange, only where commodities and derivative products are traded, instead of stocks. Using a broker like Saxo, options trading allows anyone to trade these commodities on a variety of different exchanges. This is can be done through CFDs (contract for differences) where stocks are bought with a view to the position going up or going down or through CFD futures.

What these stock options really show is that the nature of buying stocks or shares is consequently changing. Where once the big players in the FTSE were engineering and manufacturing companies, now tech and finance companies dominate. Stock and commodity trading is as necessary in the markets of Harrogate as it is for the world economy and the stocks available to buy, trade or invest in today are different than the ones available yesterday or in the future.


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