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It is fair to say that almost all stock traders who have ever placed a trade, will have thought of trading Apple stock at one point or another. They are an undoubted global giant and tech leader. From the very earliest of days in 1976 when the company was first founded, they have been an innovator. Now under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, they continue to dominate. They were recently the first company ever to exceed a $1 trillion market cap. They continue to expand and grow into new markets, and are, by revenue, the world’s largest IT company.

The First Steps in Trading Apple Stock

Even as the global goliath of a company that Apple is, the initial steps in trading stock remain very much the same. When stock trading online, the relationships you form can be key. Becoming more and more popular is trading stock CFDs. TradeFW offer this form of trading on what many traders believe to be the best stock trading site. The sign up process is very easy, and you can be trading Apple stocks with increased leverage of 1:5 in no time.

The top brokers have extensive information available to educate you throughout your trading journey and to get to grips with the stock trading basics right from the outset. The leverage allowed in this form of stock trading online can really impact your results in a positive manner. Apple is a high-value stock, and therefore, utilizing the increased leverage that stock CFD trading through the likes of TradeFW provides, gives you substantially more buying power. This is all made possible through a very user-friendly and concise ordering system which can also cater for automated stock trading.

What Direction is the Company Headed?

Apple has certainly had a rollercoaster year. It was the first company ever to reach a market cap of $1 trillion, and has fallen back somewhat since then. There have been many factors at play, outside the control of the company in that respect. Therefore, those who are seeking the best online stock trading opportunity should absolutely still consider Apple as a priority for purchase.

The firm’s latest earnings report is due soon, but regardless of this outcome, the entire situation should be viewed in context. The company is still valued at more than $700 billion. This is a huge platform for any company to utilize.

There has been much talk lately about the planned moved of Apple into becoming more focused on services, and healthcare. In fact, the company’s job openings in the “health” sector have skyrocketed more than 400%. This provides a useful insight into the firm’s direction, and the healthcare tech industry is also one of the most lucrative in the world. All of this is very positive news for investors since it shows that Apple have a roadmap for their future growth, and the backing of almost unlimited resources to take any sector by storm.

Risks and Potential

Even those who are trading on the best stock trading platform are open to a certain degree of risk. This is precisely the same when trading Apple stocks. What differentiates trading Apple and the associated risks, from trading another company? – Size, history, and power.

Apple have previously demonstrated in abundance that they have the innovation, and purpose of direction, to take a different route, and emerge successful. Not only successful, but dominant. This is something that every new investor in the stock market needs to consider. There have been ups and downs on the road previously, but the company has always emerged on top.

With the level of talent, knowledge, and infrastructure the company has, still as the major smartphone producer and retailer in the world, as well as their other I.T. related products, coupled with their planned focus on services and movement into health services, a strong case can be made Apple to continue to dominate these market sectors.

A further area of potential would be to consider the impact of the US/China trade war. If Apple can continue to hold as much value as it currently has in these testing conditions, the future looks very bright for the company once this intercontinental relationship reaches a more positive position.


It is quite clear that anyone involved in stock trading, either new or experienced, should not write Apple off yet. They are still a huge force in the stock market and would be make a very good value purchase for any trader engaged in online stock trading in the current market. As we can see, the process of becoming involved is easier than ever before, and with much more knowledge at the disposal of traders to upskill and make the best moves possible in any type of trading market.


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