3 Ways to Connect with Yorkshire Customers Through Cracking Copywriting

3 Ways to Connect with Yorkshire Customers Through Cracking Copywriting main

If you’re a thrifty Yorkshire businessperson prioritising your marketing spend for 2020, you’ve probably got some tough choices to make.

You might be weighing up whether to invest in a new website with support from paid Google ads or wondering whether it’s worth looking into local press features or even splashing out on a TV ad to maximise your reach.

But investing time and money in copywriting might not top your to-do list – because while you might not be able to build a website, you may feel that writing is more accessible and opt to do it yourself.

Whichever approach you choose, there are several awesome advantages associated with prose that pops off the page, so ignore its potential at your peril.

With that in mind, here are three ways to connect with Yorkshire customers through cracking copywriting.

1. Grab a Google Snippet

Good writing for the web satisfies search engines as well as customers – so it’s adapted for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as being entertaining, informative and engaging.

When you search for something on Google, the results which appear are a mixture of paid ads and organic listings that a business or individual has earned through SEO savvy.

And the ultimate organic result is a snippet – a web page Google reckons answers a particular question perfectly and places in a special box right at the top of the page.

Grabbing a snippet requires skill but it’s worthwhile for driving traffic to your website – for more info, take a gander at this Search Engine Watch snippets guide.

3 Ways to Connect with Yorkshire Customers Through Cracking Copywriting comp

2. Business blogging

Writing a regular business blog on your website is a subtle way to connect in a conversational yet confident and authoritative way with customers, while chatting about topics directly or indirectly associated with your products and services.

Your blog can include evergreen topics which won’t need to be altered significantly very often, timely topics that reflect current news and trends and community topics that underline your commitment to local causes.

Fresh blog content can enhance your SEO, improve your Google ranking and drive traffic to your website – SEO Tribunal states that companies who blog receive 55 per cent more website visitors.

3. Developing voice, tone and style

Any brand worth its salt should take time to develop a distinctive voice, tone and style – and this is impossible to achieve without well-crafted copy.

Your voice should align with your company values and whether it’s fun and humorous or calm and caring, it should remain consistent so that it’s instantly recognisable and authentic.

Then, you should modulate your tone of voice so that it fits certain situations and finally, style refers to the distinctive quirks that add another layer of individuality, such as whether you capitalise certain words or champion the Oxford Comma.

If you’re struggling with these concepts, a copywriting agency like Maratopia can help you develop a voice, tone and style that’s as refreshing as a pint of Yorkshire bitter after a hard day’s graft.

That’s our list! But how do you connect with Yorkshire customers through your writing? Let us know in the comments section.


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