Christmas Delivery: Getting Your Presents There

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Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? Did you do your gift buying for 2018 in the January sales or do you usually leave things to the last minute? Is Black Friday your go-to shopping day?

Whatever type of Christmas shopper you are, as the festive season approaches, it’s time to start thinking of sending your gifts to where they need to go. Should you have presents that need to be posted out, now is a good time to know what’s to be done to get them there in time for 25 December.

Plan Ahead

Timing is key to ensuring your gifts get to where they need to be. While sending everything as early as possible is ideal, especially when sending presents internationally, getting everything ready can take time. Add to that how busy delivery companies are in December and you’ll find that even sending a week earlier than you usually would can make a difference.

To get organised, make a note of the last posting date so you know exactly how much time you have to get everything sent out. This year, the last posting date for UK deliveries is 22 December, for sending to Europe it’s 20 December and outside of the EU it’s 18 December. Do check, though, as these dates are for selected services and some cut-offs may be a little earlier, depending on the service you require.

christmas delivery getting your presents there gifts

Pack it In

Wrap your presents carefully. While couriers always handle packages with care, things shift in transit, so it’s worth adding extra protection. Scrunched up paper or polystyrene are an ideal buffer to keep the contents from shifting around. Reinforce the edges and opening of the box with tape, too, to keep it from opening while it’s on the move.

Also, more processes are involved the further your gifts travel. This means having robust packaging is especially important. you may need to take a little more time to ensure your gift can withstand a long journey, but it’ll be worth it when it gets to the recipient.

Track Your Parcel

To give you peace of mind, it’s worth selecting a service that allows you to track the delivery process. Check the large parcel delivery services that are available with the courier you select so that you can get familiar with their tracking process.

Courier companies are constantly updating the tech they use so you can see where your parcel is at every stage of its journey. So, once you hand your precious parcels over, you can relax.

As the countdown to the big day gets underway, how far along are you in the gift-sending process? Do you have any nifty packing tricks or tips?


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