The Powerful Impact of a Brand Logo: An Image Speaks More Than 1,000 Words


When you envision a popular brand, what concepts come to mind? You will most likely think of their logo. This is particularly the case with well-known companies such as Facebook, Coca-Cola and the Ford Motor Company. Well-produced logos allow the consumer to immediately identify with what is being offered. This produces a two-fold advantage: First, customers are more likely to gravitate to an image that is already familiar. Secondly, brand logos will ultimately convey the core qualities of the company itself. Both of these traits can often serve to define success within the highly diversified online community. So, let’s take a look at what you should consider when building a logo from the ground up.

The Powerful Impact of a Brand Logo how to create

All About the Image

It is first a good idea to abandon the digital world for a moment. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper. Sketch out whatever designs suit your tastes and refine them as necessary. Once your creative juices have been depleted, choose the two or three which you feel best represent the core qualities of your online business. We can now begin to implement the design process within the digital domain through the use of a high-quality logo maker. Still, the process is far from complete. Here are some expert tips that can help you hone the concept even further:

  • Minimalism is always better than a complicated design.
  • Select a number of different tones in order to appreciate their visual impact.
  • Consider adding a mission statement.
  • Employ a font that reflects the values of the organisation.

The next step is to transform these concepts into an image that can be distributed across the digital world.

The Powerful Impact of a Brand Logo how to create design

Consistency Across the Boards

Consistency is key in terms of logo design. In other words, it should appear exactly the same regardless of whether it is viewed by a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet. This is why many will choose to work with online portals such as Shopify during the creation process. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, no prior technical experience will be needed. This sense of simplicity is then enhanced with a number of design options and nearly limitless variations in regards to the choices that can be made. It is important to find a portal that does not restrict the creative process in any way. After all, a logo that has been created on paper will often appear much different when it is digitally transformed. It is important to possess the flexibility to make any changes that might be required.

Designing a logo can be a very challenging task and it is more than likely that several revisions will need to take place before the polished product finally emerges. However, this is also a key step within the marketing process itself and patience is required if you hope to encounter stunning results. In the world of generic branding, possessing an eye-catching logo will bring you one step closer to a sale.


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