The Many Ways You Can Market at a Trade Show

The Many Ways You Can Market at a Trade Show exhibition main

Trade shows are no strangers to businesses marketing to the public in varying forms. In fact, this is what these conventions are about – letting the public become aware of a new product you will be offering in the future, to draw more people to your brand, or to simply let people know of your existence.

Whatever your reason may be for participating in a trade show (such as the international ones held in Paris), know that you should never be shy to market yourself to the foot traffic that your location is attracting. However, there are different ways of doing so. There are ways that cost you less, and there are those that can be expensive – below are some of the options you currently have.

1. Give the Talk

Be the representative that your brand does not have. If you talk during shows, you position yourself as a voice that needs to be heard when it comes to matters regarding the industry. However, you should never wait for the organisers to approach you – volunteer. In addition, never mention your brand as the topic of conversation. Instead, make it general. For example, talk about the recent trends and maybe, if you have inside knowledge, what is to come.

2. Be Present

If you are not going to have professional stands in Paris, at least be there. By simply attending the trade show, you will be able to network and connect to industry leaders and learn from them at the same time, secretly keeping an eye on the competition. It also has the added benefit of meeting prospective customers – a huge plus.

The Many Ways You Can Market at a Trade Show exhibition

3. Advertise

There are a variety of ways you can advertise during a trade show, and it does not matter if you exhibit. Normally, these shows have magazines, and if they do, it is worth it to buy an ad space. This is valuable exposure that you rarely get. You can also go around introducing yourself through flyers in lobbies and just around the event area. At the end of the day, there will always be a way to advertise, paid or not. Take the opportunity when you can.

4. Join the Exhibit

One of the more expensive options. It will cost you at least $10,000 to have professional stands in Paris shows inside events. In addition, you need to have people set up your booth and man it. However, if you do well during the event, the payout is exponential given that you are in a prime location with a good amount of foot traffic.

5. Be a Sponsor

The most expensive option among all the ways you can market in a trade show. Basically, you cash out on buying the food for the participants of the trade show, at least for the day. In exchange, you will be given protected time to talk about your brand and its products. At the end of the day, a trade show is a marketing strategy that gives you both valuable information and exposure that you cannot have anywhere else. Although it is a high-risk, high-reward scenario, but it is priceless if it gives you the latter.


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