Localization and Interpreting Services: An Overview

Localization and Interpreting Services An Overview main

When you start a business, your goals start off simple – to offer a product or service that your locality supports and become successful enough to become your primary source of income. It is that simple. However, as you tick one goal after another, you begin to have more lofty goals, and sometimes, you cannot escape thinking about going global. To not only influence those in your country, but also be part of the global market. This is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, nothing that is of a global scale is. It will require a ton of work.

One of these that you need to ensure is the localization and the translation of your services. This is making your business fit into the culture of the country you are looking to involve yourself in. It is easier said that done though, and that is why you will need localization and interpreting services.

“One part of your business you should never overlook”

These are the kinds of services that may different in their level of complexity, but they work in relation with each other; the other a slightly more intensive version of the other.

We believe that in this process, interpretation is done first. As its name suggests, this is basically translating your products or services into the locales’ tongue. However, a direct translation sometimes does not work. It normally requires culturally appropriate translation to fully bring out and attract the others to your services. Of course, you can just translate it word for word, but sometimes, this is not as effective.

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The same is done to your website, if you are going to put up one exclusively for the country you are expanding to, which you should. Considering how actively online today’s generation is, this is one part of your business you should never overlook or put off for later. The internet is a powerful tool, use it.

As the translation is ongoing, localization can start. This is where you will need experts who are well versed, not only with the country, but its culture in general. Not saying that interpretation is not important, but sometimes, this is the key to fully being accepted by the locales.

What does localization entail?

This entails extensive research into what is culturally acceptable to the citizens in the country, even if it means changing your entire line of products offered. In spite this, you have to keep your core product. For example, if you boast to have the best chicken, then chicken should still remain at the core of the food that you offer. What needs to change is how they are prepared, and how the food is seasoned.

Localization also affects how you portray yourself in public. This includes the advertisements and the marketing campaigns that you are planning on doing. It is tricky because there are brands who have found success in some countries, but completely washed out in another just because they could not do this part right. So, tread carefully.

Localization and interpretation services are more complex than they are because what works in one country may not work in another, and that is why they are necessary if you want to further your business.


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