How To Check Your Job Application Writing For Mistakes

How To Check Your Job Application Writing For Mistakes main

You only get one shot at writing a cover letter and personal statement that will be considered good enough to get you to the third stage of the job application process. It’s crucial once your job application has passed the algorithm human resources has in place, and a real person starts to read your letters, that your documents are outstanding enough for you to be considered.

Let’s Walk You Through the Job Application Process

When you see a job for which you are qualified to apply, you should waste no time in firing off a cover letter and personal statement that is custom made for that specific job. Human resources can spot a copy and paste letter the minute they see one.

There is an average of 300 applications for any one position. Human resources will pass all the CVs they receive through an algorithm or other applicant tracking software that sifts through the relevant ones and discards the ones that don’t fit. Once that process is finished, the CVs ear-marked as appropriate get passed on to a real person to read or into another recruiting software program for further reductions. You can help yourself get through this process by using a resume maker app that will guide you on how to make the best resume possible.

The applicants are whittled down to the top two percent. These are the few people who are sent interview requests.

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Primary Considerations for Job Application Writing

It goes without saying that if your CV doesn’t have all the stipulated criteria mentioned in the job listing, you shouldn’t even bother applying. You can’t cheat an algorithm into thinking you are acceptable. In spite of this, there are still recruitment agencies that send people’s CVs through for consideration in the hope that some of the positive skills and talents will make up for a few years less experience.

If you decide to venture into job application territory on your own, you should consider using a writing service to compose the best possible cover letter and personal statement for you. A personal statement writer service knows what to write so that both an algorithm and a human resources talent specialist will like what they see on your application.

Cover Letter Composition

Remember to always begin your cover letter by highlighting the job description for which you are applying. Most direct job searches mention the name of the person who has launched the position search; add their name at the beginning of the cover letter.

Hi there
I am interested in the job you advertised.

Dear Mr. Green
In response to the job you advertised: Assistant Manager for Nighttime Shift at Assembly Plant…

The correct example is the best way to approach the task, even in this era of hyper-casual work titles and communication.

How To Check Your Job Application Writing For Mistakes 2

Writing Correction Apps

There are many apps available online that claim to be able to spot every error on your document before you submit it. All you have to do is copy and paste your letter into the editor, and it will check it through in a few seconds.

These apps are, unfortunately, not infallible, and they are expensive to purchase as well. Be wary of simply accepting all the changes they recommend.


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