The Hidden Secrets of Casino Background Music


Think about the last time you visited a casino, online or land-based. Did you pay any attention to the sounds around you? Did you even notice that there was music playing? It’s entirely possible that you didn’t. However, not only was there plenty of music playing but the music played a significant role in your overall experience – believe it or not.

Casinos are by definition controlled environments, much in the same way that shopping malls, hotels, nightclubs, and museums are controlled environments. While most visitors don’t necessarily pay a huge amount of attention to what’s going on, every single aspect of the casino environment will have been designed to ensure that visitors have as much fun as possible, are as engaged as possible, and bet as much as possible.

How such establishments choose to design their spaces gives us some fascinating insights into how our minds and impulses actually operate. Hearing is one of the most powerful senses we have and what we hear plays a major role in how we think, feel and act.

The casino playlist is, therefore, a major investment and something that is absolutely imperative for casino owners to get right. Here’s everything you need to know about the secrets of casino music.

The Hidden Secrets of Casino Background Music land

The Casino Soundtrack

While no two casinos have the same soundtrack, you’ll quickly notice some striking similarities shared by all of them. You can even test this out by going to an online casino and scrolling between the different slot games, as the digital realm often uses the same tactics as the physical.

Most casinos use a genre known as muzak, which is a kind of soft instrumental music you often find in shopping malls. Named after a brand prolific in creating such soundscapes, this isn’t necessarily a specific style of music but rather an umbrella term for music that creates a certain atmosphere and is conducive to certain emotions. The music varies in speed and tempo, but the effect is often the same.

The soundtrack of the casino tends to oscillate between fast-tempo, upbeat dance music to more relaxed, slow-tempo, calming music. The two different sounds are expertly blended together and you will almost never hear anything resembling a musical pause or a track change in casino music. In major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, the soundtracks are often pre-packed into mixes that can be up to 12 hours long, set meticulously to the time of day.

Casino soundtracks in both land-based and online casinos may occasionally throw in a top 100 track or recognisable pop anthem, as long as it fits with the current mix. While this still seems like quite a varied, almost eclectic soundtrack for a casino, it actually manages to fill very narrow criteria. The music has the effect of keeping people focused and engaged.

Both the fast and slow music are designed to provide a holistic, immersive experience that constitutes an escape from daily life. For that same reason, casinos don’t have clocks and your refreshments are continuously refilled without you even noticing.

The Hidden Secrets of Casino Background Music boat

Why It Works

There are a number of reasons why casino music is so effective. Scientists and sociologists have long extolled the virtues of this kind of music when used for studying, which is why study playlists on Spotify are so popular.

Certain types of music affect your brain chemistry and keep your mood balanced in order to aid focus. Studies on casino music in the past have also revealed that introducing fast, upbeat music at random intervals also encourages players to be more daring and make quicker decisions with their bets. The use of the occasional pop music track is there to provide a sense of familiarity and comfort.

The end result of all of these seemingly competing music styles is a fine-tuned composition which allows players to continue enjoying their experience playing the slot machines or the blackjack table for a long time. The casino soundtrack creates what sociologists have called a “positive feedback loop” wherein the sounds you hear constantly reinforce the activity that you’re currently doing.

It’s the result of years of market research and studies on casino gamers to see which music makes for the most enjoyable gambling environment.

Casinos have long been at the forefront of innovative business practices, with music being just one of them. There’s a lot that businesses of all shapes and sizes can learn from the casino industry.


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