The 5 Best Practical Tips for Freelance Writers

The 5 Best Practical Tips for Freelance Writers main

Freelance writing ranks not only among the lucrative ventures but also among the most rapidly growing online investments. Given the importance of online presence to the growth of companies, most industries are seeking quality freelance writers to produce high-ranking content that attracts conversions.

Although the need for writing services is high, the competition among writers is very stiff. It is, therefore, vital for you to learn freelance writing tips to manoeuver the competition and run a successful freelance writing investment.

With the internet awash with “gurus” offering grandiose ideas for winning the freelance writing race, it may be a difficult task to find the ideal path for growth. For this, we have engaged writers on various platforms, coming up with these tips for finding online writing jobs and honing your freelance writing skills.

1. Time Management

With the freedom to manage your time independently, comes the temptation to allocate little time to projects, thus handling more and reeling in more profits. By succumbing to this temptation, you not only risk delivering sub-standard articles but also losing your clients.

When allocating time to projects, provide adequate time for research, writing, proofreading, and editing, thus delivering quality articles. That is of a must when handling fixed-price contracts, as it allows you to set prices that cater for all expenses you incur during content creation.

In the case that you will surpass deadlines, inform your clients early without giving excuses, and request a reasonable extension to finalise your project.

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2. Setting Your Price

When it comes to setting prices, there is no size fit for all projects. Before determining the cost of your projects, engage the clients to gain clarity on the nature of the projects and tasks you are expected to perform.

Next, consider the time and resources that are required to see the project to its completion, and set a price. As a result of this, you prevent the chances of running into losses and get compensated adequately for your effort.

While at it, avoid charging inflated prices, as it may turn-off clients, limiting your chances of landing a project.

3. Write, Edit, And Proofread

The first copy is susceptible to both grammatical and structural errors, which may undermine the productivity of content.

To ensure the integrity of content, dedicate ample time to reread your content, correcting errors that may limit readability. Although there are many editing tools at your disposal, ensure that you read the final copy to ensure that you didn’t alter the original meanings during the correction.

While editing your work, countercheck to ensure that the information tackled in the article is accurate and backed with relevant examples.

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4. Be Aggressive With Marketing

Poor marketing strategies rank top among the common mistakes for freelance writers. After honing your writing skills, invest in a solid marketing strategy that exposes your skills to a wide array of clients.

For instance, you may consider guest posting opportunities, or even create a website talking about your interests. Alternatively, use your social media platform to reach clients and engage companies on their comment sections.

While at this, create a portfolio on job landing sites and pitch in as many proposals as you can manage. Among the top tips for beginner freelance writers is setting lower prices to projects to get ratings and start your writing career.

Although this may work, be keen not to stoop too low as it may drive your investment into losses, making it unsustainable.

5. Always Give Clients Their Money’s Worth

Once you are assigned a project, there is a standard which your client expects to be met. After discussing project deliverables, commit adequate time to research and content creation to deliver quality work.

Afterwards, ensure that you avail yourself for corrections and editing of the work to meet client expectations. Thus, ensure that your schedule caters for such to avoid surpassing deadlines when finalising the project.

Freelance writing demands dignity and commitment for one to succeed. By approaching freelance writing with caution and skill, you can rest assured of getting more meaningful engagements and realising quicker growth.

With the tips mentioned above, you can quickly start your writing journey and avoid the challenges that jeopardise the growth of many freelance writers.


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