Bespoke Logistic Options Ideal for Construction Businesses

Bespoke Logistic Options Ideal for Construction Businesses build

The world of construction is a highly valuable one. In 2017 new work in the construction industry across the UK reached its highest level on record at £109,387 million as the number of firms operating in the sector also grew by 6.2% on the previous year. Much of the growth is driven by the private sector, accounting for around three-quarters of all new work. This offers a great opportunity for those working in logistics, as all construction companies rely on well-operating supply chains tailored to their needs to succeed.

Time Sensitive

Construction companies always have deadlines to meet so they rely on using logistics firms that can reliably get anything they’ve ordered to them on time. Sometimes this may involve requiring a last-minute replacement part, tool or piece of material if something has become damaged. Time specific delivery slots, including same and next day, along with being able to receive orders within working hours, are necessary to make this a logistical success and make sure that projects aren’t delayed any further.

Irregular Parcel Size

Given the nature of the construction industry, all sorts of different sizes and shapes of materials and parts are often required. Specialists in irregular parcels and freight logistics such as Tuffnells can offer a great solution to transport a variety of unique sized and weighted items. It could be metal pipes, large freights of heavy bricks or bags of sand, but being able to sort out bespoke logistics solutions that meets many construction businesses’ needs is a great way to attract new customers.

Bespoke Logistic Options Ideal for Construction Businesses freight

Collection Services

For added convenience, collection services hold a lot of appeal for those in the construction industry. Especially when they are working on projects around the country or have bases in many different locations, arranging the smooth logistics can prove complex. When factoring in moving items from one place to another it can be a lot easier if collection services are available. This way the construction firm doesn’t have to go out of its way to start the process.

Freight Forwarding

Some construction businesses may need more logistical requirements than others and seek out bespoke freight forwarding. Especially when there are many different parties involved in the process, having an intermediary can be beneficial, while they can provide assistance in other areas such as packaging, labelling and documentation. Offering this can prove attractive to many in the construction industry.

he more bespoke options that a logistic firm can provide, the greater business they are likely to secure with happier customers in the construction sector.


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