Advice on Hiring a Generator for Your Event

Advice on Hiring a Generator for Your Event main

Hiring a generator can be a potentially complex business. With so many generators available, all of which seem to be catered to serving a different requirement, it can be hard to know if you’re making the right choice.

Here’s a brief overview of everything you need to know about hiring a generator for your event.

Does your event need a generator?

The short answer is yes. It doesn’t really matter what kind of event you’re running, a generator can be a fantastically useful addition. The obvious use for a generator is when you’re running an event that is located outside of the normal power grid. But, even if your event has traditional power sources, you might want to consider hiring a generator as a fail-safe if the power happens to fail.

Similarly, you may find it cheaper to run your event on the power supplied by a diesel generator than that of a traditional energy supplier.

In short, whatever your event actually is you should consider hiring a generator.

Gauging your requirements

The next step in hiring a generator is to know what your power requirements are going to be. This is something that can be difficult to do on your own, so you may want to involve your proposed generator hiring company in this process to help you. You can give them a list of what you intend to power and they can, in turn, help you to choose the right generators for you and establish how many you might need.

Advice on Hiring a Generator for Your Event party

Remember that with generators it always makes sense to have power to spare. Bear in mind that your calculations are only ever going to be estimates, at best, and you never know for sure just how much power your equipment is going to draw when your event is up and running. It’s always better to hire a generator that has more power available than to get one just covering your needs which can be easily overloaded.

Arranging delivery

Think carefully about where your generators are going to be located. You want them where they can be within easy reach of the equipment they need to power, but there are other considerations. Are they safe from prying eyes and tampering? Are they safe from excessive weather conditions? Can they be easily and quickly reached in the event of an emergency? These are the questions you need to answer.

Remember that you should always keep generators outdoors. Generators emit exhaust gasses as a result of the fuel they use, which can be potentially lethal if inhaled.

Arrange for delivery ideally at least a day in advance of when you actually need your generators. This will give you appropriate time for them to be delivered, set up, fuelled, and connected to the equipment. It’s important that the generators are thoroughly tested well in advance. If there’s an issue, you want to know about it while you still have time to have another generator delivered to your site.

Contact a generator hire specialist

The best thing you can do when hiring a generator is to make sure you contact a true specialist. They will be able to take you through the process step by step to ensure that everything is right for your event. They can also help make sure the delivery of your generators is as seamless as possible, and that you’re fully aware of all safety and operating information that you need to know.

It’s important to remember that if you’re ever in doubt about anything, just ask. Your generator hire specialist is there to help you and answer any questions you may have.


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