A Guide To Industrial Doors


Finding the right doors for your business can be a really tough process – there are so many different options to choose from that it can often be very confusing if you don’t have all the relevant information that you need to select the right internal and external entrances for the company premises. Whether you’re looking to optimise your traffic flow or install enhanced safety features, there are doors to fit the needs of every business in any situation – you can delve deeper into each different type of industrial door in our guide below!

High Speed Doors

Our first choice is high-speed doors, which are perfect for businesses with heavy traffic flow looking to work in a more efficient, energy-saving manner. The fast and easy operation helps you to avoid queueing to navigate around different areas of the building and the doors can be used internally or as external industrial doors, so you can have this speedy door system throughout the building. With options opening both vertically and horizontally, you can be sure to find high-speed doors that are suitable for your company. Hörmann’s high-speed industrial doors come with FU-control built-in as standard and help you to maintain temperatures and save money on energy costs, making them a very effective choice for any warehouse, loading dock, or high-frequency-usage area.

Rolling Shutters & Grilles

Rolling shutters are the ideal way to give your workplace a set of effective entrance and exit points without requiring a great deal of excess space – they simply roll into the compact shutter space above the door, so won’t require a huge space above or beside the door for storage. If you’re looking for an easy to use, economical option then these shutters and grilles are a brilliant choice – they require very little energy to operate and act as an effective way to maintain temperature levels, open up routes around the building, and secure the company premises. 

Fire Sliding Doors

For an additional degree of safety in the workplace, fire sliding doors are the obvious selection – they’re effective and efficient ways to control the flow of vehicles and personnel throughout the premises, whilst also providing extra resistance against fire and smoke to ensure that you’ve got adequate precautions in place to keep your staff and any visitors safe in the event of an emergency. These doors can either be single or double leaf designs and can have a small wicket or escape door installed to make the passage of people quicker when needed, so personnel safety can be focused on in an instant. The wicket doors also all feature an overhead slide rail door closer which is an enhanced safety measure that helps you to protect your premises, staff, and equipment during a fire.

Strip Curtains

Finally, the last door option we’re going to cover is strip curtains, which aren’t necessarily doors but can be used in the same way to great effect internally thanks to their sealing structure. Using durable UPVC strips as a way to separate areas of the building and reduce temperature loss can be a really smart move – they’re a cheap option that functions fantastically as the door is only open as a vehicle or person passes through, so there’s less opportunity to lose heat. The strips can also be clear, which makes them a brilliant option in terms of lighting, as you’ll be able to utilise more natural light and cut costs on lighting in the building.

By using a combination of these doors, you’ll be able to create a practical and efficient workspace for your company to operate out of, with less heating loss, better safety precautions, and a more effective protocol in terms of navigation around the building.


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