5 Steps to Starting a Bookkeeping Business


5 Steps to Starting a Bookkeeping Business

As more people than ever become self-employed or start their own business, there is a growing demand for bookkeeping services.  While there is some great online software available, there is still the need for a human touch and many business owners like to have a real person to check through everything with.  So here is a 5 step process starting your bookkeeping business.

1. Get the right training

Before you start a business, it is important to get the right training.  This might mean attending Bookkeeping Courses in London or one in Yorkshire, whichever works for you. Or it might mean taking online training if you can find reputable companies that offer recognised qualifications.  It is important to get the right training because many companies will want to see proof you can do the job and when you start out, qualifications can do this – you can later use testimonials as well.

2. Find an area to focus on

There are lots of businesses out there that need bookkeeping services, but you can stretch yourself too thin trying to market to them all. So it can be a good idea to focus your services on one sector or industry and start building leads from it. You can take on clients from any industry, but it can make it easier to market your services to one specific one to start with.

3. Get processes in place

Another important step in building your bookkeeping business is to have your processes and systems in place. This will include tools you use to do the actual bookkeeping as well as things like how customers will communicate with you, where you will keep track of all of your workloads such as a project management tool and how you will handle billing and payment.

4. Sort out where you will work

With the growth of cloud computing and high-speed internet connections, there’s no reason why you can’t run your bookkeeping business from your home.  But if you for this option, you do want to set up a proper workspace, a home office. One of the reasons people struggle when working from home is that they don’t feel like they are at work. By having a home office or workspace, you make it seem more like work. And you can train the family that where you are here, you are ‘at work’ and not available.

5. Start marketing your services

Once you are ready to take on clients and know where you want to focus, you are ready to start marketing your services. There are lots of different ways to approach it depending on who you are targeting. If you are aiming for local businesses, you might want to reach out to people or advertise in local papers. If you are focusing on online businesses, you might want to start using Facebook and LinkedIn to start making connections.


Starting a bookkeeping business isn’t too complicated. Once you have training and skills in place, it is then about creating processes, a workspace and marketing your services. Clients will then start referring others to you and your business will start to grow.


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