5 Low Cost Ways to Promote your Local Business

5 Low Cost Ways to Promote your Local Business office

The internet has made it cheaper to run and promote businesses. If you have a physical shop, you can advertise it on the internet for next to nothing. Here are five low-cost ways to promote your local business on the internet:

1. Make Sure Your Website Adds Value

Your website should add value to your brand and your customers. If you choose to go with a poorly done website, the perceived value of your brand will go down. On the other hand, if your site features an excellent user experience and provides useful information or products, people will respect the brand. They may even go out of their way to tell others about it.

2. Use Email Marketing Software to Help Increase Sales

Email marketing tools will automate some parts of your marketing campaign. The software will typically give you access to ready-made templates, analytics, reports, and even autoresponders. In most of these tools, the themes and colours can be optimised to match your brand. Standard email marketing software should only cost you about 20 Euros per month. Usually, the first month is free.

3. List Your Business on Popular Local Directories

If you run a local store, you should make an effort of listing your business on local directories. Services like SMR Digital specialise in local SEO, so you can consider using their services. Also, you should find local online publications like On: Yorkshire Magazine where you can review your business. This way, people visiting the town will have an idea of why they should visit your place.

5 Low Cost Ways to Promote your Local Business social media

4. Be Active on Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are three important social media platforms. Many of your customers are already on these sites, and that is why you should bring your products and services closer to them. When using social media, it is important to remember that quality is more important than quantity. That being said, you should post regularly on all platforms.

5. Verify Your Local Listing on Google

Verifying your local business on Google will allow potential clients to find you on Google Maps and Search. For this process, you will need to enter the business address in Google My Business. A postcard will arrive at the address provided within 14 days, and you can then enter the verification code.


Most people can’t go for a few hours without using the internet. This is why you need to get your local business on the internet. You don’t even have to sell your products online- you just need to connect with customers on various platforms. Social media sites and email are especially important communication tools. Also, you should verify your local listing on Google since some people will want to read reviews and even trace your location through the internet. You should also develop an attractive website which represents your brand well.


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