3 Small Business Ideas To Help You Sell More Products Online


If you own a small business that sells products online, you may be having challenges scaling up. This can be attributed to the intense competition in the industry. After all, there are many other firms that may be selling the same products. As a small business owner, you have to brainstorm ways to grow your sales as this is the only way of taking your business to the next level. With stagnating or depressed sales, your business is almost doomed to fail. Fortunately, there are many ideas to help you sell more products online. One of them is buying insurance for products you sell. Keep reading to learn more.  

Business Ideas to Grow Your Online Sales

1. Offer Incentives

Customers rarely have a fixed mindset. When customers are incentivized, they can easily be convinced to make a purchase. For this reason, you should consider offering freebies, such as promotional products, or run a special sale where products will be sold at break-even discounted prices. This is meant to attract more customers and showcase what you have to offer. Discount coupons are also great for generating more sales. While your returns or profits will be low during the promotional period, the long-term benefits to your business will be quite significant. When running a sale, make sure the discounted prices do not lead to huge losses. At the very worst, you should sell products at the same price you bought them at to ensure you break even. If your profit margin is usually high, consider reducing that margin because competitive pricing can help you attract and retain more customers. 

2. Use Fantastic Product Photos

Before reading the description of a product on your e-commerce website most people will make their decision based on the quality of the photos they see. If you use low quality photos of a product, a customer may instinctively conclude that it’s not what they are looking for and navigate away from the product page. On the other hand, if you use high-quality pictures in full color, a customer who is interested in buying the product will browse through the photo gallery and read the product description to confirm that the product specifications are in order. This may convince them to buy the product if the price is right. To boost your online sales, therefore, make sure you use fantastic product photos. Be sure to ask your website developer to tweak your website to ensure it can still load lightning-fast when quality photos are uploaded onto the product page.

3. Insure the Products You Sell

There is no doubt that you sell high-quality products on your ecommerce website. However, there might be some defective products in your inventory. It is also important to note that shipping of products does not always go smoothly. The product fulfillment company or even your own delivery crew may lose a product or cause damage in one way or another. Whatever the case, customers expect to receive the products they order in a timely manner and in pristine condition. Delivering products that have been damaged during shipping can taint the reputation of your business. As a result, you may get negative reviews, which may hurt your business. By insuring the products you sell, you will be able to protect your brand reputation as you can easily replace lost or damaged products. Please note that once you’ve purchased a suitable insurance policy and paid premiums, it’s the insurance company that will offer compensation for the loss. This means that the customer will get what they ordered, or at least a full refund, while your business will not incur losses as a result of damage to the products you sell.  

When you have insured the products you are selling, you can expect to receive positive reviews from happy customers. You can also afford to offer a customer satisfaction guarantee or a money-back guarantee to all your customers. This will help to boost customer confidence in your brand. The overall result will be increased sales and rapid growth of your business.  

If you want to grow your sales and scale up your business, it is crucial you pay attention to the feedback you get from your employees. Be sure to ask them about their shopping experience once they confirm receipt of their order. The feedback they offer can tell you about the changes you need to make to ensure your small business is in a much better position to meet client needs and expectations.  

Since your website is like your front desk or point of sale, it is crucial you design it to run efficiently. Customers should be able to navigate easily through the different product categories, add items to their shopping carts in one click and check out their orders easily once they are done with their shopping. Every product page should open lightning-fast because nobody wants to wait nowadays. There should also be sufficient security on the site. 


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