What Are Natural Skincare Products And How To Choose One?


Many beauty influencers rave about natural or organic skincare products and how they have facilitated their skin to look healthier and better than ever. Therefore, this has attracted consumers in the skincare industry to put their hands on the products that state “organic” or “natural” with HD images of plants and nature on the shelves of a skincare store. For instance, more people are interested in buying natural basic skincare like organic shampoo or a natural deodorant balm owing to the amazing benefits they give without harming the skin.

However, it’s still not clear what these natural skincare products are. Actually, there’s no definition of the term “organic” or “natural” approved by the FDA. But brands that use the “certified organic” label on their products are required to have at least 95% of natural ingredients. What does the term “natural” really mean then? Read ahead.

What Are Natural Skincare Products?

Usually, natural skincare products are the ones that mostly contain plant-based ingredients and are, therefore, free of toxic ingredients like parabens, dyes, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, mineral oils, and triclosan.

Instead, these organic skincare products contain good ingredients which are quite beneficial to your skin without causing irritation or inflammation such as 100% natural fragrances, plant or essential oils, honey, aloe vera, and rice extracts.

How to Choose Natural/Organic Skincare Products?

Making a shift from conventional, synthetic beauty products to natural ones can be quite overwhelming and confusing for some. Therefore, these tips to choose natural skincare products with ease will help your organic skincare journey.

1.    Start Off With Basics  

To make your natural skincare experience a breeze for you, you should start off with essentials only like an organic moisturizer or a sunblock. This will help you keep further damage to your skin under control until you learn the basics.

Gradually, you can start off with eye creams, lip tints, or toners as well.

2.    Research Thoroughly

As skincare brands are required to have 95% natural ingredients in their certified organic products, you never know what the remaining 5% holds.

The remaining amount is usually filled with synthetic ingredients, but it doesn’t mean that they are toxic. Some of them can be actually good for your skin, hence, you should research the synthetic ingredients and assess if your skin is allergic to them.

3.    Look for the Best Organic Brands

To be honest, one organic brand that works best for someone else may not work best for you. Therefore, it’s important to research a brand online yourself. There are hundreds of brands that claim to be organic, and you should evaluate what’s more essential for you.

For example, is it the ethical commitments of a brand that attracts you more than a brand with sustainable practices?

4.    Budget Accordingly

Natural skincare brands usually tend to be a bit more expensive than the other traditional brands. Hence, you should already prepare your mind to spend a little extra.

Now, it surely doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank on the high-end brands. You can also find economical organic brands that can work wonders for your skin type without going broke.


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