What Costs are Associated with My Wedding?


When you and your partner have decided to make a commitment to one another, you may also need to think about how far your finances can stretch. This could affect the type of wedding that you have, as well as how long you might need to wait for the big day to come. By entering discussions about your budget, as well as what each of you might like, early on, you may be better informed regarding how much money you could need to save.

While some people may buy engagement rings prior to asking for someone’s hand in marriage, other couples might prefer to ask the question first, and then pick out jewellery later on. As you may be able to see at Chisholm Hunter, engagement rings come in a variety of colours, styles, and budgets. Rather than allowing yourself to get swept away in the excitement, you may want to think about a realistic maximum cost for your engagement rings, and then filter any search results to reflect this. This can help to stop you from deviating away from your budget. Sometimes you may be able to find jewellery sets that offer both engagement and wedding rings, which could enable you to save money further down the line. Some jewellery sets also include mens wedding rings in gold, which can be a convenient option for couples who want a matching set.

Another cost that many people factor into wedding planning can be bridal makeup. While it can be nice to treat yourself, this could dip into the budget quite a bit. Instead, you may want to use some tutorials, as well as your own preferences, to figure out what makeup to use for your big day. Not only could this allow you to save some time and money, but it means that you can then use products that you trust and love, and even make sure that the look is one that suits you. Although it may be more difficult, you could also potentially do your own hair, or get one of your bridesmaids to do it for you. If you don’t trust yourself, or a friend, to undertake these roles, remember to include the costs of these services within your wedding budget.

It can be a good idea to take the venues for your wedding ceremony and reception into account. These could potentially be the most expensive part of your wedding. It is possible to find cheaper venues across the UK, without needing to compromise too many of your ideals. Alternatively, for a budgeted ceremony, you may also want to consider getting married at your local registry office. While this may not have as much glamour as other venues, it can help you to cut back on your spending considerably. These savings could then go towards the reception, or even help you to have a more lavish honeymoon.

You may feel quite overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how much your dream day is likely to cost. However, by being realistic and discussing openly with one another, you may be able to plan a day that you both will enjoy.


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