Types of Paper for Wedding Invitations


Your choice of wedding invitation is an essential element of your wedding, as it will give your guests a hint on what to expect on the big day. When you and your soon-to-be spouse are starting to look for a wedding invitation supplier, it also signifies that you already have a rough idea of how you envision your big day to turn out. With a luxury wedding in mind, consider having custom made luxury wedding invitations to impress your guests. Keep in mind that creating elegant invitations requires careful consideration. Choosing the right wedding invitation paper is critical, especially if you want to make a considerable impact and induce excitement for those in attendance. Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect paper type or printing surface for your wedding invites.

Your wedding invitations set the tone of your preparations

A lavish wedding starts with equally opulent wedding invitations. You and your fiancé worked hard to have a dream wedding, so it’s totally acceptable if you choose to splurge on your wedding invites. After all, you want to make a good impression and let your guests know that they should come prepared, looking their best on your big day.

Invitation paper types

● Cardstock. Most wedding invitations are printed on cardstock. If you’ve decided to obtain the services of a wedding invitation stationery, you can request that they provide you with a rundown of the different types of cardstocks they have on offer. As opposed to standard paper, cardstocks are thicker and heavier, lending a more luxurious finish to your invitations. Cardstock feels more couture and customised, regardless of your preferred printing technique and design. For instance, the 110lb cardstock is a standard heavyweight and ideal for wedding invitations. By rule, the heavier cardstock features a more elegant feel and is more expensive than lighter ones.

● Cotton fibre. Cotton fibre paper for wedding invitations is made from 100% cotton. This material offers a flawless printing surface and is more durable than other paper types.

● Kraft and wood-grain paper. For a rustic aesthetic and DIY touch, you should opt for kraft and wood-grain paper. The live edges also add a handmade feel to your wedding invitation.

● Glassine and clear vellum. If you’ve chosen to send out multi-layered invitations, glassine or clear vellum paper is an excellent option. You can layer this translucent and highly flexible paper with other paper types for depth and dimension.

● Acrylic. Acrylic is a printing surface worth your serious consideration for a more dramatic look. The printing technique for acrylic paper is different from standard paper types. However, if you choose acrylic material for your wedding invitations, the printing technique will be limited.

Final thoughts

Choosing the type of paper for your wedding invitation is only the beginning of a rather long yet fun and exciting process. Adding textures like linen onto smooth matte paper adds a more customised feel to the finish. You may also choose to add detailed patterns onto paper, including crosshatch and diamond patterns, for a more elegant touch compared to standard paper finishes.


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