7 Expert Tips How To Prepare Your Wedding Day Hair

7 Expert Tips How To Prepare Your Wedding Day Hair main

There are many things for a bride to consider when preparing for her wedding. One of these important aspects is her hair for wedding. From the wedding hairstyles and colour that best suits you for your big day, to the style that will fit the chosen wedding gown and veil. There are so many decisions to consider in hair styling for weddings.

Whatever hairstyle you eventually choose will need your hair to be in top notch condition to achieve it. You want to look your best no doubt. So, while you think about other parts of the preparation like your wedding day beauty plan, consider these wedding prep hairstyle tips to get your hair in the best shape ever.

1. Hair cut one month before

Whether you need your hair up for weddings or not, the fact remains that it needs to be healthy. Ensure to have a trim to get rid of any split ends one month prior the wedding date. There is no need to make any drastic changes, however this is necessary to keep your hair as healthy as possible. You can schedule this trim before or after your hair trials to freshen your tips.

2. Condition your hair

Use hair mask to condition and moisturise your hair before the wedding. This will help fix any damage and also add volume to your hair. If you don’t have any hair mask at home, you can make one from natural products like honey, eggs and avocado.

3. Choose the style

You need to be sure of the hairstyle you want to achieve for your big day. While there may be a lot to choose from, only a certain number will complement the neckline of your dress. If your dress has a high neck, then an up-do would create a better look. For a dress with a much lower neckline, you could consider letting your hair down in a tousled look.

4. Hair trial

To further make a choice on your hairstyle, schedule a hair trial a few months to the wedding. This will help you confirm the style that you want as well as the length, volume and colour you might need to best wear the style.

7 Expert Tips How To Prepare Your Wedding Day Hair bride

5. Final colour

If you’d like a change of colour or some highlights, try to get this done at least a week to the wedding. Do not leave this until a few days to the D day as you will need time for your hair to settle in. You might also want a few more changes after the change in colour. This will also be a good time for your last trim to just eliminate any more split ends and not drastically change the length.

6. How to do a beautiful up-do

If an up-do is among your hair ideas for a wedding, here is one way to go about it. Start by brushing up your hair and then spray with hairspray. After that, comb lightly to remove any frizz. Pull your hair up in the position you desire, and secure with an elastic band, and bobby pins if necessary. Next, pull up the ponytail and wrap at the top, shaping it into a knot. Secure also with bobby pins, preferably ones that are same colour as your hair. Complete by spraying the hair with shine spray and then accessorise as desired.

7. How to curl your hair

To curl your hair with a curling iron, work in small sections, and start from the neck, upwards. When you are done curling, spray the hair with a holding or setting spray. Allow the hair set for a while so that the curls last long. Finish by brushing out the lush curls in large sections. After this, if you like, you can spray the hair with shine spray for a shinier look. So, if you need curls incorporated in your hair wedding style, try this.

With everything a bride-to-be has to navigate and decide on during wedding planning, her hair and hairstyle should give as little stress as possible. So, if you find yourself unsure of how to prepare your hair for wedding, just follow this collection of expert tips. They should get you well on the way of hair perfection on your wedding day. Something to add to your checklist on how to prepare for a wedding.

From your wedding gown to the colour and length of your hair and hairstyle. Everything needs to be perfect on your special day. This is why your hair needs to be in the best shape, and these simple tips, will help you achieve that.


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