5 Top Tips for Wedding Guest Attire

5 Top Tips for Wedding Guest Attire main

In the UK, where themed weddings are now a mainstream thing, engaged-to-be-married couples have the choice of having a themed wedding, which in most cases gives them the option of defining the dress code for wedding guest attire.

If an engaged-to-be-married couple has a set dress code for their wedding, it should appear on your wedding invite; adhere to this dress code as a matter of paramount importance.

In addition to adhering to the prescribed dress code for wedding guest attire, keep in mind the following tips too:

1: You can never go wrong with neutral or print

Because most weddings do not have a defined dress code but have an attendant expectation to “dress casual,” dressing for a wedding is usually anxiety-inducing, and many of us spend several minutes (if not hours) deciding what to wear or trying on various attires.

For casual and relaxed weddings such as garden/outdoor weddings or receptions, you can never go wrong with dressing in something neutral. Unless the wedding invite has explicitly noted the wedding guest attire or dress code, whenever you are unsure of what to wear to a wedding, wear anything casual and in a neutral colour such as a tan suit (for men) or a floral printed dress (for women). You can never go wrong with these choices.

2: When all else fails, think of the location

In some instances, such as what Marthastewart.com refers to as casual/cocktail, traditional, and custom weddings, the best thing to do is to let the location dictate what you wear as a guest to the wedding.

For instance, if your friend Aarav from Tech support has invited you to his wedding held in India, you cannot go wrong with dressing in a well-tailored kurta paired with nice pants (for men) or a colourful sari (for women).

Likewise, if the wedding shall be at the seaside, museum, park, or any other well-defined location, keeping the location in mind as you choose your wedding guest attire will help ensure you look classy.

5 Top Tips for Wedding Guest Attire night

3: Mind the shoes

Shoes complement and complete an outfit, which is why you should mind the shoes you wear. Here, let the nature of the event dictate what you wear. If you know that the wedding and wedding reception will be a lengthy event, please dress in comfortable shoes.

Here, we cannot fail to mention high heels. Uppersole stock a range of womens heels that look classy and elegant. With shoes—high heels included—the rule is to aim for elegance and comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing a specific type of shoe for more than three hours, do not wear it to a wedding or if you have to—perhaps to look elegant in the wedding pictures—carry a pair of comfortable shoes and alternate between the pairs.

4: Being ‘too casual’ is a thing; be mindful of it

In weddings where ‘casual’ is an accepted dress code, be mindful of dressing too casually. Just in case you are wondering, yes, it is possible for your wedding guest attire to be too casual. Often, too casual means flip-flops, shorts, sweatpants, or even denim-based attires. Avoid these even when the event calls for casual dressing.

When dressing for a wedding, if a quick glance in the mirror leaves you questioning what you are wearing and its appropriateness, it’s best to choose something different.

5: You can always ask

If you are truly unsure of what to wear, and are sure all the tips discussed above don’t apply to the wedding you intend to attend, don’t chance it: ask for input from the bride, groom, guest of honour, or even a member of the bridal party. Most will be eager to help you.


If you keep these tips and ideas in mind, you will get your wedding guest attire just right.


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