Lush, Leeds – Spa Review


Lush, Leeds

Spa Review

by Julia Paddon

Lush, the shop that smells delicious, has a secret… It has a spa! How did I not know?

lush spa leeds review on magazineA quick straw poll of my friends showed I wasn’t alone in my ignorance. But it won’t be a secret for much longer. Lush Spa has been in existence for eight years and is, like their skincare and make up ranges, going from strength to strength.

Roadworks and a severe lack of parking had made me more than 15 minutes late for my appointment. I ran from the car to the store in the pouring rain and arrived in a panic of apologies. From the bustle of the shop through a little door and downstairs to a beautiful and serene welcome space. Hannah was truly expert at calming my busy mind quickly which, having thought about it, is a skill that she must get to practice often in a spa located in a busy city centre.

Lush has a distinctive aesthetic and the spa is an extension of that… Cosy, magical, Alice in Wonderland-esque with natural wood and exquisite scents. My treatment started before the treatment room, with an exciting wooden box… I’m not going to tell you what’s in it, that would spoil the surprise (it may or may not have involved a bit of nibbling, melting deliciousness).

glass jars containing sweet smelling goodsLush is so unique and so clear headed about its brand I can find no better words to describe the treatment – so here it is straight from the horses mouth: The Sound Bath: A powerfully meditative treatment featuring ear candles, tuning fork vibrations, singing bowls and massage to clear your mind of chatter and help you listen deep within. The result: Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd reelllaaaxxxxxxxx.

“A lovely crackling camp fire”

It was excellent. Truly excellent. And suitable for everyone. Snuggle up warm, cosy and tucked in under a big fluffy towel and close your eyes. Let your senses be guided gently by Hannah into what for me was the Tibetan mountainside, complete with birds tweeting, bells ringing and a lovely, crackling camp fire.

cosy wooden table in luxury spa set with foodSeveral spa treatments see you leaving the spa with a less than polished ‘just out of the bath, pink cheeked, make up free, shiny, fuzzy haired’ ambiance. That look is fabulous, of course. Especially if you’re idly wandering up to you room past similarly be-robed spa-goers for a nap. But in so many ways the Sound Bath is the absolutely perfect treatment for a busy day’s shopping. Walk out with the same exterior appearance but with a wry smile and a sense of smugness at having just made a very good decision!

One of the first scenes in the much beloved sitcom Black Books sees Bill Bailey’s character (and his new aura) float serenely out of a hospital on a cloud, offering little snippets of wisdom after having accidentally swallowed and then absorbed ‘The Little Book of Calm’.

That was me last week. Can’t wait until the next time.

Lush Spa, Leeds
12-13 Commercial St
Leeds LS1 6AL


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