Koko Beauty Spa – Kirkburton – Review


Koko Beauty Spa – Review

Kirkburton, Huddersfield, December 2018

by Steve Crabtree – @stevecrab

Looking good for the upcoming party season isn’t just something the ladies should be thinking about.  It’s just as important for the men to go out there looking their very best too.

Koko Beauty of Kirkburton, Huddersfield have an abundance of treatments for men. And they invited me in to try and work a miracle and spruce me up in time for this year’s festive celebrations.

“The team light the place up”

The village of Kirkburton is lovely. As is the welcome that owner Kimberley Wilson gives me as I walk in to Koko Beauty Spa.  There’s a noticeable aroma in the air, and Moroccan influences are apparent in reception. The place looks beautiful and the smiles on the faces of the team light the place up.

Over a latte, Kimberley tells me about the treatments that they offer the male of the species, and what they’ve got in store for me today. She promises that by the time they’ve finished with me, they’ll have me looking good and feeling great.

There’s a real nice, personal touch about it here. The people at Koko Beauty Spa are warm and friendly, and the whole relaxation process begins when you walk in to door.

Koko Beauty Kirkburton

“Male grooming is growing in popularity”

Today, I’ll be having an energiser and facial. But first I’ll be having my eyebrows tidied up with the King Brows treatment. Male grooming is growing in popularity, and even the most masculine of guys are starting to get in on the act. Haircuts are getting sharper, and well-shaped beards have never sparked as much attention.

But having an eyebrow treatment perhaps isn’t as high up on a man’s grooming list.  The King Brows treatment (£10) promises to give me delicately trimmed, tidy eyebrows, removing unruly hair and leave me with a smart, but non-obvious tidy brow.

I was taken upstairs, and asked to lay on the treatment table. Kimberley and I chatted home, work and social life, as she set to work tidying up my face using a combination of waxing, plucking and trimming.

Koko Beauty Kirkburton

“A highly thought of, popular destination boutique”

Kimberley has owned and grown the boutique spa over the last ten years, from it’s lower ground floor early days, to the three floors it spreads over now. And with the place fully booked today, it’s clear that her  is a highly thought of, popular destination boutique. So much so, she expanded again 12 months ago, opening Kosmetiko Clinic, just across the road. .

After ten minutes the eyebrows are done. I’m handed a mirror and the difference is clear. Subtle, but clear. Having newly tidy brows complement the previous evenings haircut and I’m really pleased with the look. Once you have something like this done, you realise why you shouldn’t ignore your eyebrows when you’re tidying up your appearance.  It’s done in hardly any time, and it’s pain-free. You also get a nice bit of friendly conversation thrown in for good measure too.

Now the look was taken care of, it was time to feel my best too. Cue the High-Performance Skin Energiser. 60 minutes of hard-working facial for ageing (excuse me!?), dehydrated skin and tired eyes. Kimberley handed me over to Chloe, who took me downstairs and directed me in to the Zen-Den. A low-lit, beautiful room with relaxing music and more calming aromas. Straight away you begin to unwind. It’s a really beautiful space in Koko Beauty Spa, and a nice place to be.

With me laid under a towel, Chloe re-entered the room and explains the treatment.  I was to receive mainly a facial, but then again much more. Nerves creep in when she mentioned a foot massage (I’m a bit jumpy when it comes to feet), but that’s she where she starts the treatment.

Koko Beauty Kirkburton

“Incredibly soothing”

I needn’t have tensed as Chloe applied her hands to my feet. After an initial couple of seconds, it feels good with my ankles and lower legs receiving work too.  I’m nicely relaxed already, and the towel went back over my legs as she came to the top end of the table and placed her hands on the sides of my face.

The High Performance Skin Energiser treatment (£52) works to maximise cell regeneration. It gives you multi-dynamic facial massage sequences that boost circulation, whilst a scalp and the foot massage deeply relaxes.

The slow and gentle maneuvers across my forehead, and around my cheekbones and jawline soon began to take effect. It’s incredibly soothing. And with calming smells of each product, I drift in and out of sleep a number of times within the hour – but I’m somehow fully conscious of the entire experience.

Koko Beauty Kirkburton

“They can turn your appearance up a notch”

My shoulders, arms and chest aren’t left out of the equation either.  My body hasn’t felt as loose, energised, yet relaxed in a very long time. Koko Beauty Spa had given me more than just a facial; this was some sort of luxurious benefit for my entire being. The team have made me feel so refreshed, they’ve fulfilled their ‘feel-good’ promise.

At the end of the treatment, I lay there for a good few minutes coming round. Indulging in 60 minutes of sheer relaxation and pampering is something I recommend to all guys out there.  I throw my clothes back on, and take another look at myself in the mirror.  My eyes look brighter, and my face and my skin glow. I’d walked in to Koko Beauty Spa looking ok, and strided out looking decent. All promises fulfilled. Why hadn’t been here for pampering before?  I felt fantastic, and ready to start the party season.

Guys: Taking care of how you look shouldn’t be limited to having a haircut and ironing your best shirt. Give Koko Beauty Spa a call. I promise they can turn your appearance up a notch.

Koko Beauty Spa, 58A & 60 North Road, Kirkburton, Huddersfield, HD8 0RW

Tel: 01484 605 288
email: [email protected]

Opening Hours

Mon – 9am till late
Tues – Appointment Only
Weds – 9am till late
Thurs – 9am till late
Fri – 9am till 5pm
Sat- 9am till 4pm
Sun – Closed






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