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With Veganuary in full swing and over 150,000 people signed up to go Vegan already, Discount Supplements are looking to show as many people as possible the positives of Veganism and what it can do for your health…

What once was a taboo term in polite conversation, has now become a commonplace subject and frequent talking point in society. Being Vegan is to live a life where nothing you use, wear or consume comes from animals, or by products of animals.

This can be from the obvious products such as meat, dairy and eggs, to the less known such as honey, carmine (a red dye produced from crushed beetles) and tallow, a by-product of beef fat controversially added to the new British £5 notes.

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Although no matter what reason you have for making the change, the overall side effect of going Vegan is an ethical one. A lot of people simply go Vegan, or “Plant Based” for health reasons. Plant based is a lifestyle choice where nothing you eat or consume comes from animals, but with a focus on steering clear of man-made highly processed foods, but you may well still wear things like leather or wool.

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The well-known positive effects of going plant based are:
• Lower Cholesterol
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Better Blood Sugar Levels
• Reduced Risk of Cancer

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Amongst the fitness and bodybuilding community, the common joke is that Vegans are scrawny undernourished hippies, but it should come as no surprise that ALL natural food, grown of the earth (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains etc.) contain protein. You’d be better to worry about not consuming enough calories long before you worry about protein consumption. Some of the most famous Vegan Athletes are:

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