Five Must-Have Pieces of Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Five Must-Have Pieces of Home Gym Exercise Equipment main

Working out is crucial in this day and age when unhealthy foodstuffs are around every corner. If you can spare 30 to 45 minutes of your time for exercise, not only will you be able to combat obesity but there will be plenty of other medical benefits.

But a lot of people don’t have enough time for the gym because of a busy schedule, which is why incorporating a home gym might be a pretty good idea. In this article we will examine five pieces of must-have exercise equipment for your home gym.

Where to set up a home gym?

Gym equipment is heavy, which is why it is better you set up a gym in a spacious room on the ground floor, although some prefer the back garden, if you can cover it and install the equipment there. Most people bring in one or two machines, but it is important to incorporate a few types of equipment.

Five must-have home gym equipment pieces:

Following is a list of important exercise equipment for your home gym:

1. Exercise bike

If you want to shred those extra kilos an exercise bike is essential. Keep in mind; cycling is very important for the body because it causes intense movement of the body muscles. As a result, the extra fat around the tummy starts to burn and contributes to weight loss. The market is brimming with exercise bikes of varying qualities. If you want, you can try the assault air bike but if you don’t like this bike there are plenty of other options on the market.

Five Must-Have Pieces of Home Gym Exercise Equipment weight

2. Dumbbells

You can’t build up arm muscles without dumbbells in your hands. Even if you try to incorporate any other alternative, the benefits of using dumbbells are unmatched. Since you’re setting up a home gym, there’s no need to buy multiple pairs of the same weights. If you want to exercise alone, you can buy four pairs of dumbbells with an even number of weight such as 2, 4, 6, 8. Make sure they are made of quality material so they endure the rigours of constant exercise.

3. Exercise bench

This is a mandatory item which shouldn’t be missed. Most of the exercise benches for home gyms are made of heavy duty plastic, but they need to be able to resist all body weights. Exercise benches can be used a great deal of exercises such as the bench press.

4. Kettlebell

This equipment is crucial when it comes to deadlifts. Though a lot of people overlook kettlebells for their home gyms they are a great tool for multiple exercises. Kettlebells consume little space , but pack a big exercise punch. An ideal kettlebell is around 5 pounds for beginners, but if you can already lift heavy weights there’s no harm in buying a kettlebell around 20 pounds.

5. Yoga mat

Stretching and performing various aerobic exercises must be incorporated into any exercise structure, so buying a yoga mat for the home gym is a must. Yoga mats come in an array of styles, colours and sizes. The market has a lot of yoga mats of different quality, but the purpose is the same – it’s just important to find one that works for you.

Lastly! These were just some of the home gym pieces of equipment you must have. Others can be incorporated at later stages when you plan to expand the gym and your fitness regime needs refreshing.


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